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Welcome to our new Theme and home page for PossiDude(it’s who you really are).  PossiDude is the positive attitude dude in each of us, one-third of who we are, we just forget to listen to him.  The world teaches us to listen to NegaDude instead.

NegaDude never has anything good to say, what can go wrong, is his first thought.  Once we energize that character, he takes over, and we forget who we really are.  We give up our free will and operate from fear. Fear that there will never be enough, health, money, social acceptance, sex, security, you name it… We are in actuality, captured by self(another name for NegaDude).  We have become so identified with NegaDude that we become convinced it’s who we are.  The evidence he has is so overwhelming, it takes PossiDude to, literally, save us from ourselves.

This blog is about exposing NegaDude for the nothingness that he is and making the space for PossiDude to present itself.  Awareness of the existence of NegaDude is the first step.  If we aren’t aware of a problem, nothing can change.  NegaDude always says the problem is outside of ourselves, the only place it cannot be solved.  It’s time to stop the madness!

My purpose here is to share truths that I have found that work each and every time I apply them to help me to reconnect with the PossiDude(truth) in me.  By connecting with the truth in me, I connect with the truth in you.  I have come to find out, that is what being human is; the recognition that I am connected to, not better or less than but an equal part of, this thing called humanity.

Learning to live from that perspective is not an overnight thing.  The only thing of importance is that I make a beginning.  Each day is a brand new day and I have choice when I get up;  what kind of world do I want to live in, a world of fear or a world of love?

When I was a kid, I would say my prayers at night:  Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, and if I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take.  But my mother…  bless her heart…  taught me a better version and changed the last line…  and in the morning light I wake, show me the path of love to take.  As a little kid, I was comforted by that.  Isn’t that what a loving God would do?

  A little change is all we need to go from fear to love.

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4 responses to “Home with PossiDude

  1. This is such a great project! I have been talking to my 7 year old about his super power ability to Pause. At 7 its hard for him to stop and think about what he says or does before he does it. Pause-ability has been a great way for me to help him learn to think before he acts!
    Thank you for helping me to teach my child! We plan to follow up and learn more about these super powers which really appeal to the child in both of us!

  2. I teach Anger Management to adults and I focus on positive thinking and positive self talk. If they had learned this skill as kids they probably wouldn’t be on probation and sent to Anger Management.
    Really great idea. Thanks for sharing this. Good Luck Paul, I hope you win.

  3. Paul: I haven’t searched long today about POSSIDUDE, but I’m trying to discover how to obtain your teachings here in OHIO. Any information provided will help me find my own SUPER HERO I am sure

    THANKS!!! Already for making me STOP!

    • Rod,
      Thanks for subscribing and your comments. Here’s the link to the website: http://www.possidude.com. The purpose of the blog is for people to share their experience of recognizing and applying truths in the day they are in. (ex. every time we’re upset this is what has to happen for us to get out of it: awareness, pause, listen, ask, receive, try out or take new action). We all live by these truths to some extent already but we have lost our awareness of them as the truth of our beingness. It seems to take a lot of pain for us to apply them (NegaDude) but if we come to re-member who and what we are, we can choose to live by them. This can only happen by an experiencial knowing. The more people share their experiences the more references we all have to help us identify our internal PossiDude: it’s who we really are!

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