Once we recognize we are upset, angry, or frustrated we need to us our power to pause and be quite.  Just stop. It only takes 10 seconds.  Count to ten slowly and listen to the sounds around you.  Try it several times.  Try it as you go through your day, just listen for 10 seconds.  How did you do?  Can you stop just for a minute?  Even if you can’t seem to stop, just ask the super hero inside you, PossiDude, to help you.  If you don’t quit trying you can’t fail! You will be developing your super power of  PauseAbility.  PauseAbility gives you the power to choose before acting.  It may seem like a little thing, but that’s what makes it so powerful!  Most of the poor choices we make are because we never developed our power of PauseAbility.  (remember you already have this power you just didn’t know it)  Think about a poor choice that you made.  Would you have made that choice if you had the ability to Pause first? 

So how’s it going?  Can you feel it?  Write back in this blog and share your experience.  When were you able to use your power of PauseAbility?  Write in and help other PossiDudes and read about their experiences. 


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