Once we learn to develop PauseAbility, before they take action, PossiDudes always use their Vision.  Just like the Eagle.  From his perch, the Eagle can see the big picture.  He takes in everything with his sharp eyes and he doesn’t move until he has taken all things into consideration.  With his vision he not only sees what he is after but he sees the things others miss, like the mountain lion ready to jump on him as he dives in to get a drink of water.  He sees the bigger picture so he doesn’t make the mistakes that could get him hurt.  The mistakes that others, who don’t have Vision, make.  But you are smarter and have more powers than an Eagle, so just ask the PossiDude inside you some questions before you take action:  What will happen if I do this?  Is this cool?  Can anybody get hurt?  Would a good super hero do this?  The real super hero in you will answer these questions.  Remember PossiDude is already there inside you. Listen for the answers to the questions you ask and you will begin to hear them.  Some call PossiDude the “still small voice within”. I assure you it’s there. Sometimes the answer is just a better question, like, “what’s the right thing to do here?”. The more you do this the better your Vision becomes.

Are you practicing stopping and asking for Vision?  Are you seeing things you missed before?  Write in and let other PossiDudes know how you’re doing.  A real super hero practices over, and over, again until he gets so good at it, it becomes who he is,  a real PossiDude, a dude with a Positive Attitude, making the right choices!

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