Awareness – As A Power

Why is AWARENESS a power? Because without awareness we don’t thing we need to change and we stay stuck in our thinking. Awareness that we are limited and don’t have the answer to all our problems is the first power. We think we should have the answers. We were given a brain to think things through. We should be able to figure this out, we say to ourselves. So, we usually experience the awareness that we don’t have the answer, as discomfort, or some form of pain, physical, mental or emotional pain. We begin to become aware that we are in pain, frustration, anger, etc. Sometimes it takes severe pain before we become aware of it, but it’s not necessary. Awareness opens us up to consider something else. Oftentimes it is out of desperation, but again we can choose to see pain as awareness, recognize it as one of our powers at any time, and utilize our power to move on to our next power. The more we develop our awareness, the less suffering we put our selves through. There are many uses for our awareness but it is the first step we need to take to experience something new. Becoming the PossiDude we are meant to be is always a new experience.

How do you practice awareness? What does it look like in your life? We welcome your comments.

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