Get Yourself Connected (the solution)

We shake hands all the time.  What does the hand represent?  It is a group of five fingers making up a whole, hand.  We take it for granted and never realize how important it is, till we don’t have it anymore.  Groups are what our world is made of.  The dictionary defines a group as; many components gathered together for a purpose. 

Using our hand as an example, what if we cut off a finger, is it still a group?  Yes, but it’s not the same group is it?  We can learn to adapt to the new group but we’ll always know something is missing, it isn’t complete.  It isn’t what it was intended to be.  Intended, by who?  By whoever created it!  Intuitively, we will always know something is missing.  The other fingers will have to over-develop to accomplish things they were never intended to do.  We often try to go outside the group, called our hand, to try to fill the hole. 

We even go so far in over-developing the other fingers and using things outside the group that we convince ourselves, we never really needed that finger at all.  But we can see the missing finger so we are always reminded of what’s missing.

Each of us, individually, is a group.  We have three basic components; body, mind, spirit (that part that goes by many names, soul, energy, life force, etc).  Whatever you call that third part, it is the part that makes us alive.  It’s actually more, who we are, than the other two.  We develop our bodies, we work out, exercise, procreate, etc.  and we are always thinking, developing our minds, but what about the spiritual part?  You can’t physically see it, so it isn’t as easily recognized.

Take a larger group, the human group; many components that make up a whole for the purpose of being human.  Humans are the only group that has the ability to choose to believe they are separate from their group.  It’s not the truth but they can think it is, and so, forget who they are. 

The problem is the solution.  We have failed to develop, talk about, or even acknowledge our spiritual life.  I’m not talking about religion.  I’m talking about who we really are, as three parts making up a whole.  We have lost our connection to who we are.  Intuitively we know this and so we try to use our intellect and our bodies to make up for it.  When that fails, we reach outside for more of everything, and it hasn’t worked.  More always seems like an answer but it’s an illusion.  A group can never be made complete from the outside. 

We try to forget that we are all human beings, equal parts of the whole and the result is the world we presently live in.  The answer is always inside the group.  All great teachers have taught us to be still and know.  The answer is there all ready for us, one piece at a time.  It doesn’t come from thinking, economics, or politics, it comes from re-member-ing, becoming a member once again of the body of God ( CwG) as a human being, and acting accordingly.

 Connecting to any group helps us connect to all groups.  It is our connection that brings us out of our self constructed prison of isolation we create by the mistaken belief in separation.  Talking with each other about our group connection re-minds us of who we really are…  equal parts of the Whole.

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