Occupy Our Souls

We have so developed our minds and technology; we just can’t wait for the next generation to come out. it’s always, more, more, more… G3, G4, more apps, faster, faster, faster, that’s the answer.   All promising to make our lives simpler, easier, but… is that your experience?  Or is just more complex, faster, busier, all-consuming?  We believe we are getting a lot more done and faster, but at what cost?  I’m not trying to minimize technology, we have come a long way, but have we really solved any of humanity’s urgent questions, using the mind alone?  Billions spent on education and technology and still people live in poverty.

How about our bodies… extreme sports, super bowls, super cross, ultimate fighting championships… all dedicated to pushing the body to its limits, how strong, how fast, how precise can the body get?  Multi-million dollar contracts, thousand dollar tickets to watch individuals dedicated to developing their bodies to extreme levels, but at what cost?  It’s awesome to watch these dedicated athletes perform, or to challenge yourself to be the best you can be physically. But, again, have we really solved any of humanity’s urgent questions, using the body alone?  Billions spent on sports, developing our bodies, and still our homeless level keeps growing.

We all know we’re out of balance!  Something isn’t right!  The 99% say the 1% are the problem, and of course they are, but we are all the problem!  We have been living from the mind/body perspective and it can only get us so far.  We have forgotten who and what we really are.  We are spiritual beings having a physical/human experience.  We have become so con-fused with religion over the centuries that to even talk about spirituality, brings us generations of resistance and frustration.  Yet, even with all our vast knowledge and abilities, none of us really knows how our hearts beat or what it is that breathes our breath.

It’s time to Occupy Our Souls, individually and collectively!  When we put our attention and energy on our connection to our soul…  by simply and consistently quieting the mind and body… we become peaceful.  We start to become aware of the piece (I’m going to say the Word now, don’t let it scare you), of God we are.  The piece of God we each are.

The definition of a group is “many components that make up a whole”.  Each of us is a Soul, many Souls gathered together to make up a whole… Sole… One.  We are all equal parts of the whole or Sole.  In our re-cognition of that truth is our freedom, the freedom to re-member who we are, and live from that truthIt’s unfigureoutable from the mind or body…  but it can be known from the soul!

We don’t need anyone to tell us that no one should go hungry…  be without a home…  go without healthcare…  or be respected and loved.  Not with all our resources!  It shouldn’t be the way it is.  We all know this, so what happened…

We receive, individually, an in-spire-ation in our soul, from the One, God… the mind then takes the inspiration and says “that’s a great idea, I got it”.  The mind interprets what the soul says…  goes off with its very limited perspective…  and blows the idea way out of proportion because we lose our connection to the source.  The ego, the mind’s perception of itself, becomes the driving force for our life, and we quite literally, forget who and what we really are!   

The solution;  build the relationship with our souls, individually and collectively.  Collectively, by talking with each other about it (the relationship) and how you do it, what works for you.  Individually there are many, many, methods, or paths.

Here is one way I have found, that works.  You don’t have to believe anything to try it and have your own experience.  I call it, “taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together”.

Become Aware when you are upset, disturbed, angry or just don’t feel good.

Pause, just stop, let go of all your thoughts just for one minute, breathe slowly, watch your breath, just for a minute, it will bring you into the present.

When you feel peaceful, Ask your soul, what’s the best perception to have in this situation, what’s the best action I can take, how can I be truly helpful?

If you’ve gotten quiet and stopped your thoughts you will Receive an answer because you asked.  Don’t question what you receive.

Take action on it, try it out, make the phone call, read the book, write down your thoughts, but take action on the inspiration, sometimes that action is just letting go and not taking action.  Sure, you’ll make mistakes, but eventually you will find that accessing your soul and making the connection is the answer you’ve always been looking for.

Go with the Soul!  We really are One.

When each of us is connected individually to our source we can re-cognize our Oneness and co-operate with each other to re-create the world the way we all know it is intended to be!

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