The Beat

What is the beat?  Where did it come from?  A couple of questions that may seem silly at first…  like  a lot of questions.  They really are great questions but people don’t often ask them.  We usually ask questions like, ‘what’s the problem here’ or ‘how can I get what I think I want’.  Maybe we just need to ask better questions?  Just consider for a minute, where did the beat come from?

The beat is what keeps us alive, our heartbeat.  So, in actual truth the beat is everything to us, we just don’t know it.  We can’t stop it and still have this experience called life… although sometimes we wish we could, it just keeps on beating.  We take it for granted and most of the time we are oblivious of it.  We disconnect from our bodies and rely on what our minds tell us.  What is important, what everything means, and what is what, in our world.  Mostly, the mind tells us what’s missing…. If we only had a little more money, time, a better partner, that new job, a new car, the house on the hill, etc., etc., etc.  The mind always wants… it wants something else.  In truth, by nature, and in itself, the mind is insatiable.  It is designed that way by its creator because it is meant to be used as a part of a three part being called you.  More on that latter, so what is it about the beat?

The beat is where you BE AT, right here, right now, in each moment we can connect to where we be at.  It’s not a mind thing, so we have to let go of the mind.  Not an easy thing to do because of our training, but a simple process none the less.  Start by feeling your own heartbeat.  (Don’t let your mind tell you how stupid this is.)  You can’t lose the beat, it’s always there… your heart knows more than your mind will ever know!

We talked a bit about the mind and we talked a little about the body and the heartbeat, now let’s bring in the third part of the trilogy, the soul.  The soul is your individual expression of who you are, you might call it the truth of you, the part that came to express itself as you, the in-spire-d part of you, your spirit, the guiding force of your life, the director of your mind and body.  The part of us that is connected to every other part of the One whole.

When we BE AT where we are at, we can express ourselves within the beat and join in the rhythm of life.  Short periods of expression, always returning to the beat, allows each of us to express ourselves in our own unique way.  If you temporarily lose the beat, just stop, let go of what your mind is saying and feel the connection to the beat.

This is a metaphor for our lives we can practice, using the drum circle, to gain experience of the truth that operates in, as, and through us, that will enable us to have a fuller expression of our being-ness in each and every moment.  In short, we can experience divinity in whatever way we may know it to be and still allow others to have their own experience.

Our world consists of many complicated and complex rhythms, some taking many years to master, even if one wanted to.  Some insist they have the best rhythm and want everyone to play along, some follow great masters who taught incredibly beautiful rhythms.  Some arrogantly fight against any kind of rhythm.  However, all of us carry the beat with us at all times, and that simple BEAT is life itself!

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