Who’s Idea Is It?

I was reading a book the other day by one of my favorite authors.  It blew me away that he was talking about the same thing I had just written about, just slightly different.  My first thought was, “Did I steal his idea?”

This has happened many times in the past, I used to just assume I’d read their work before.  Or else I’d think, “somebody’s already doing this”, and that would be enough to stop me.  I’d often wonder, “How do you come up with an original idea?”  And how do you protect it, so no one can steal your idea?  We have things like copy writes, deeds, titles, ownership and confidentiality agreements which I’m sure are necessary.  These are the rules we play by in the world we have created.

I have a different outlook on it today.  Consider this approach.  Underneath all seeming evidence to the contrary, we are all part of the One Whole (Sole).   You and I are individualized unique (soul) expressions of this Sole.  All souls within a group make up the Whole group, in this case human beings.  No one soul is more or less important than another, they are just equal parts of the whole.

There is only one mind, the mind of the One, ever-expanding.  In each of us is a part of the One mind to use as we choose.  You might say, we are each a thought in the mind of the One mind.  Stay with me here.  We are constantly being given new ideas coming from the One mind which is the source of all ideas but because we have forgotten who we are, we think our thoughts belong to us individually.  Rather than cooperating with the other thoughts (to create what the One mind has in mind) we compete with the other thoughts because we have come to believe “our thoughts” are better or more important.

We are given the freedom to re-member    We are free to create our own seeming reality or we can re-member (become a member once again of the mind of the One).  The mind of the One is perfect, whole, and complete, knows all things, can do all things, and is all things.  With my piece of the One mind I am free to choose to believe I can create something other than the truth and then act on that belief.

The cool thing about principles, when you consider them, is that they are always true and are never, not true.   If the truth is we are all One then it doesn’t matter what I think I know, it’s still true.  All ideas come from the mind of the One, since we are all one, all we have to do is remember, in a split second, the truth.  In that second we have access to all knowledge, hence in-spire-ation happens.  My egoic self, that thinks I’m separate, thinks I just thought it up myself.  Then fear comes in to tell me I need to protect “my idea” and I claim ownership of the idea, as if it was mine alone.

When I started having inspiration and began to see things that others have seen and written about, I was coming from the old egoic thinking.  Now I see it as it truly is:  when I align myself with the truth and live in accordance with true principles, even a little, I, at least to a small degree, make myself ready to receive this inspiration.

The most amazing thing is that all I have to do is build an awareness of what is not true, ask the truth to remove it and the truth becomes self-evident.

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