Pick a Path / Connect to the Group

What is the importance of a group and what is a group anyway?  When I asked those questions in meditation, or, I should say those questions were presented in meditation.  They really weren’t my questions, I’d never asked them before.  So why was I asking them now?  hmm….

A group, by definition is:  many components that make up a whole or many things gathered together for a purpose.  If something is missing from a group, it’s not the same group.  It’s not the way it was intended.  Intended by who; whoever created it!

In the case of a car, if the AC isn’t working is it still a car?  But it’s not the same car is it?  It’s not the way it was intended by whoever designed the car.  It still works great otherwise, but we always know, especially on a hot day, something is missing.  Most likely we will get it fixed as soon as possible because we want it to be as it was intended.

So awareness that something is missing is the first thing that happens when a group isn’t whole.  This is a principle found in all groups.  If a component of the group is missing, we intuitively know something is missing.  We may be able to get along without it, but on some level, we still know, something is missing.

The second thing that happens, when something is missing in a group is, the remaining components have to make up for the missing part and they try to do things they were never intended to do.  In the case of our car, with us in the car, we become part of the new group called the car and us.  With no AC, we put the windows down in the hope that the air will cool us off, maybe we adjust the vents, put the fan on, etc., but nothing really works and we miss the AC.

The third thing that happens when a group is not complete is we reach outside the group to try to find something to fill the hole.  We get a small fan and mount it on the dashboard, get some ice water or a cold drink, but nothing really works.  We will always know the AC is missing.  That’s a man-made group, a car.

What about naturally occurring groups?  Plants, animals, humans, these are not man-made groups, but they function the same.  Let’s just look at the human group;  many components that make up the group called humanity for the purpose of being human.  Humans are the only group that thinks it can separate itself from the group it belongs to.  We have black and white, christian and muslim, fat and skinny, old and young, you get the picture…  Every time we create an imaginary ‘sub’ group, we get further and further away from our connection to the group we belong to and intuitively we know something is missing.  We have gotten so dis-connected from our group, we have forgotten who we are, human beings.  In our attempt to find a solution outside the group, we grab for more of everything, in the hope we will fill the hole, we become human doings, not beings.

We are three-part beings, each of us. Spirit (the animating principle in living things), mind, and body, our group.  We have over-developed our minds and our bodies but we failed to develop our spiritual lives.  Intuitively we know something is missing in our group.  In our car example, we can see what is missing so we know what it is.  We can’t see with our eyes what our spirit looks like, yet it is the most important part, our animating principle.  We can’t really lose our connection, but we can, ‘think’ we can.

Isn’t it about time!  About time to get connected.  There are many paths we can utilize to connect with our spirit, many methods we can use, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel here!  What we do have to learn, however,  is when we go off in the wrong direction.  It’s not that difficult.  We get off-track when we use our minds to try to decide purpose, instead of our hearts.  We act on what we already know in our little pea brains instead of relying on our connection to our source, with infinite intelligence.  Our minds developed an ego that says “I’m all you got”, but the ego doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.

In the case of our car metaphor, don’t you think the guy that designed the car would be the best one to contact if the car isn’t operating properly?  He would at least know how to put you in touch with what to do or who to see to solve the problem.

Why is it that we don’t contact our creator and ask “hey, our group is screwed up, we forgot we are all equal parts of the one whole, humanity.  What can I do today, how can I co-operate with the other members of humanity?”  When we complain we become aware of the problem, (we need to stop all action, get quiet, ask, receive, and taking action on what we receive), when we co-operate the solution presents itself. 

No matter how smart we think we are, the problem is in the mind, and you can’t fix the mind using the mind.  Whatever path you choose, look for similarities, what makes us alike, not the differences.  The differences are only there so we can see what needs to change in us.  We have to start with a new perception for any real change occur.

So… pick a path… your path… but ask your soul what the words mean for you… don’t question the answer you get… your soul knows what is right for you in each moment… don’t be afraid… you are not alone… and allow others their path… rejoice, together in the similarities and make the connection!

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