Soul mates, what’s that mean?  I just signed up for a course on finding your soul mate.  Like a lot of things I do, I just want to be open to possibilities, there so much to learn.  This is not a topic I would have ever thought I’d write about but I get these… ‘hits’… intuitive flashes… well…  all right…  God tells me stuff!  Sometimes it happens like this….

I was writing an email to a family member inviting them to join this free workshop series and I wrote the words;  ‘I’m not trying to get her’.  Yet all my life I’ve been trying to get her, the right one.  The one that fits.  It’s not an obsession, at least I don’t ‘think’ it is.  Like most of us, I’d just like a partner to share my life with.

The next idea that comes to me is that what is trying to emerge in me is my soul, the part of me that is connected, to everything.  I ‘wake up’ and re-cognize, the ‘to get her’ thing I’ve been chasing, is really my own soul growing, emerging so that I can be ‘together’… whole and complete in my own experience.  It’s the feminine quality in me, the intuitive, receptive, feeling part of my nature that I have disconnected from that is emerging in me, the desire to be happily and usefully whole.  I can’t re-cognize my soul mate until I be who I am, whole and complete, otherwise I look for my own togetherness in the other person.

As I open up to all aspects of who I am, I grow in-depth and weight.  Everything happens from the inside out, so only when I am connected (together) internally can I expect, ‘to get her’ as an external expression of my internal state.  Sharing the experiences of being together, and connecting with  each other in an intimate way is how two souls mate, maybe just for a time, or a season.

But what about soul-mates?  I guess I’ll have to see what the workshop holds.

If you’d like to join in the free workshop that starts tomorrow, 7/10:

Get Yourself Connected with Drum Circle Workshops!

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