Emerging Consciousness

There is an emerging consciousness in each of us that is expressing itself, in spite of our resistance to it.

Everyone intuitively knows this but only some have come to align themselves with it.  Through inspiration, from our source, many methods have been discovered, or revealed that make it possible for this consciousness to express itself as us, in the physical world.

This consciousness guides us to a method and to people who practice a similar method.  Together they become a network, an invisible net, like a butterfly net.  This net is made of the truths that are received through inspiration.  Each person adds their experience of these truths to the net and so it becomes very strong.

As we go through this life we come across these nets, and have the choice to pass right through, or grab hold and attach to it, eventually becoming a part of it.  There are many nets and only by individual choice do we become a part of them.

Once we attach ourselves to a net, we become familiar with all of its truths.  Some love their network so much they think everyone should be part of it and so they add things to it.  However, this only makes it slippery and harder to get hold of, or it hurts people when they pass through.

Those that have the best real knowing of their net, begin to see their truths in some of the other networks.  More and more people are beginning to re-cognize the similarities and not the differences.  Over time, the realization came; they had to stop arguing of over who’s net was better and lighten up.  Those that were enlightened (inwardly lightened) reached out and connected with the other nets to make a larger, more inclusive network.

So… “get yourself connected” to a path, your path, your net, but make sure it’s not contaminated.  If it’s got crap on it, it might cause you to lose your grip.  If it doesn’t love everybody, it’s got crap on it.  If it separates you, it’s got crap on it.  If it makes somebody right and somebody wrong, it’s got crap on it.  There’s a lot of good solid nets out there, sometimes you just have to get underneath all the crap to make that connection.

I read this post to my friend and his comment to me was:   “Paul, I’m sure a lot of people will get a lot out of what you’re talking about…  I’m just not one of them!”   And my comment to him and to you is;

Take what you can use and leave the rest!

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