Lumpy Carpets (a humorous look at life)

I started to look at flooring as a metaphor for life.  Some people prefer hardwood floors, some carpeting, and others, terrazzo, with maybe some throw rugs scattered about.  Then of course, there are the ceramic, marble, vinyl tile and linoleum people.

For years I was pretty irresponsible, I avoided anything uncomfortable.  I kind of hide things under the rug( little secrets ).   But, you can’t hide that much with a rug.  Oh sure, you can hide a little dirt under a throw rug here and there, but once the dirt piles up, you really need carpet.  Carpet can hide a lot of dirt (shameful, embarrassing things) but after a while you just end up with … lumpy carpets.  It doesn’t take long to start tripping on the lumps.  Time for a new carpet!  Another thing with carpet…the surface dirt shows so easily.  The everyday mistakes, spills, and dirt brought from outside (the little lies, gossip, and resentments) are sometimes hard to get out and are there for all to see.

Terrazzo, stone, and ceramic do hold some dirt in the pores and grout, but it’s visible upon inspection.  And besides, everyone expects a little dirt with this type of floor, it’s accepted.  This flooring works great for accidental spills (the occasional screw up) but if it was a particularly bad screw up (cheating on your spouse) the stain gets in the grout and discolors it.  (Misdemeanors are okay but felonies… you’ve got problems. )

Hardwood on the other hand exposes everything.  You have to be pretty anal to have wood or marble floors.  They have to be spotless or everyone will see the dirt.  With wood, so long as you clean it up right away (make amends when needed) it will pick up easily…  but if you leave liquid (unresolved emotional issues) sitting there for a long period of time, you’ll have a real mess on your hands.

Your safest bet is marble.  You can pretty much do anything and you can clean it up.  The only thing with marble is, you can get to thinking you’re pretty slick and that you’ve got it all covered.  Then you start moving too fast… the next thing you know… you fall and crack your head open.  It happens!

Still, I tend to be a carpet man.  I like the softness, the warmth…  I like to get down on it… maybe I’m lazy… I’d rather be comfortable… so long as I don’t allow any lumps… I’m okay with a little surface dirt.

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