Presence: pre-sense

As I move into the silence and quiet the mind chatter I come into the present moment.  The present moment is the gift of being… not be-lie-ving… just being live… now. Everything that ever happened, happened in the now.

I am that presence that was pre-sent before my five senses.  My five senses only tell me who I think I am in the physical world.  The I am presence in each of us was, and is, there before our five senses, it is the one sense that re-minds us of who we are… our common sense.

Sometimes I think that common sense is not so common, but not so.  Just because I may have no awareness of it does not mean it is not there, only that I’ve forgotten and I need to re-member.  I don’t need to learn anything new or get anything from the outside, I only need to become a member once again of what we all are in common… that I am presence.

No one has to tell me I shouldn’t kill, or that people shouldn’t go without food, or healthcare, I already know that, we all do.  It’s common sense, but why don’t we live from that place?

We confuse ourselves with what our mind tells us versus what we know intuitively.  We get disturbed.  Whenever I am disturbed, no matter what the cause, I have forgotten who I am.  Here is a simple method I have found, to get me out of the disturbance so I can re-member, who I am.  It takes all of five minutes.

Taking our world A.P.A.R.T. … so we can come together.

Awareness, accept, admit.. that we have forgotten (takes about a minute).

Pause, pray, feel the presence, the peace (about two minutes).

Acknowledge (access what you already know), ask (about a minute).

Remember, receive, that knowledge (about a minute).

Trust, take action, on what comes to you (about a minute).

Try it, try it more than once. What have you got to lose but your disturbance!

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