About Page (for kids)

Hey kids!  What if I told you that you have super powers?  What if I told you the Super Hero everyone is waiting for is you?  It’s true!  But no one told you what your super powers are or how to use them.  You really do have them.  That’s what this blog is all about, identifying and learning how to use your super powers.  It won’t be easy, you haven’t developed them yet, so it’s going to take some practice to remember how to use them, but I assure you, it will be worth it.  The world is counting on you!  The super hero in you has many names, we will call him PossiDude.  That stands for Positive Attitude Dude.  It’s important to remember that he’s inside you already, if you begin talking to him, regularly, he will be your constant companion.  You will know him because he always has a positive outlook and his powers are always used for good.  Each (post) story in this blog will tell you about a power you have and can develop.  Others have told you stories of him before and many leaders will tell you of your powers and how to use them for good.  Your job is to see how to use these powers in your day.  If you would like to help others, write in (post a comment) on this blog, and let us know how using your super powers has helped you.  This is a place where you can also read about others kid’s adventures and how they used their powers.

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