Why do we think…

Why do we think we have to have all the answers in our little pea brains?  I got an email that suggested we look at life in terms of what we know about our universe, Just the stuff we think we know… like how long it has been around, about 14 billion years.  Then look at all that time as if it were just one year.  Man didn’t even show up until the last couple million… somewhere around Dec 15th… and right now is like 11:45pm on Dec 31st.  Kind of silly, with all the information that has taken place in all that time and we only have a few years here… that we would pretend to know anything at all… don’t you think?

But, as we say; ‘man is the highest form of life on the planet’!  How arrogant we all are…. you think it’s possible we missed something here?  Look at the job we’re doing as conservators, we still kill each other… heck we can’t even get along in our own families or with our own neighbors… yet we keep moving along… destroying the planet and all life on it… waiting for someday…

Yet, while we’re waiting, don’t you think we could have a little conversation about… say who we are, really?  Not what the books tell us… but what we already know inside,…if we but take the time… and dare to listen.  What if we just asked seven simple questions and we shared with our friends, family, or anyone really, the answers we got.  No fear… it’s just a conversation… maybe even at Starbucks… just once a week… heck you’re there anyway.  We know it’s not working the way we’re doing it, so why not re-thynk-it (think again a little differently).

I’d like to start one in the San Dimas / La Verne, Ca. area.  Anybody interested just reply to this post with best time and day that works for you. Remember, we’re not trying to do anything, we are just talking about being who we are.

Why don’t you start your own conversation, where you live?   All the info you need is at:  www.theglobalconversation.com

Start At the Beginning

I was re-minded today as I did some yoga stretches, the importance, or rather necessity, to start at the beginning each and every time in everything I do.  I don’t claim to be a regular student of yoga or anything but the thought came to me to just relax in the child’s pose until my joints and body let go before I could move on to anything else.

That thought went to  a scripture that came to me about “unless you become as little children you shall never enter the kingdom of heaven”.  Which lead to the first step in the twelve steps ‘admitted I was powerless and my life was unmanageable’ .  Then I re-membered Christ’s comment ‘of myself I am nothing, my father doeth the works through me’.

All of these references to surrender…  these are not comments or thoughts, they are living applications of a spiritual principle… a truth that never fails.  Surrender is the first basic principle in anything.  My thoughts are not who I am… my thin-king is what separates me from who I am… until I surrender what I’m thinking, I won’t be open to receive the in-spirit-action of that presence of which I am.

In yoga, letting go of my resistance enables me to feel good because as the body stretches it expands and I open up to a larger experience of it.  Anytime I surrender…  ‘what I think I know’…  I am enabled (inwardly-abled) to receive even more from the source of who I am.  I build awareness of this presence as I practice applying surrender or letting go in my daily activities.  Most certainly I will be caught up in my thinking, but the more I practice this principle the more awareness I have.  The more awareness I have, the more I live from inspiration, the more my world expands… it’s so simple…

for such a complicated guy like me.


Lumpy Carpets (a humorous look at life)

I started to look at flooring as a metaphor for life.  Some people prefer hardwood floors, some carpeting, and others, terrazzo, with maybe some throw rugs scattered about.  Then of course, there are the ceramic, marble, vinyl tile and linoleum people.

For years I was pretty irresponsible, I avoided anything uncomfortable.  I kind of hide things under the rug( little secrets ).   But, you can’t hide that much with a rug.  Oh sure, you can hide a little dirt under a throw rug here and there, but once the dirt piles up, you really need carpet.  Carpet can hide a lot of dirt (shameful, embarrassing things) but after a while you just end up with … lumpy carpets.  It doesn’t take long to start tripping on the lumps.  Time for a new carpet!  Another thing with carpet…the surface dirt shows so easily.  The everyday mistakes, spills, and dirt brought from outside (the little lies, gossip, and resentments) are sometimes hard to get out and are there for all to see.

Terrazzo, stone, and ceramic do hold some dirt in the pores and grout, but it’s visible upon inspection.  And besides, everyone expects a little dirt with this type of floor, it’s accepted.  This flooring works great for accidental spills (the occasional screw up) but if it was a particularly bad screw up (cheating on your spouse) the stain gets in the grout and discolors it.  (Misdemeanors are okay but felonies… you’ve got problems. )

Hardwood on the other hand exposes everything.  You have to be pretty anal to have wood or marble floors.  They have to be spotless or everyone will see the dirt.  With wood, so long as you clean it up right away (make amends when needed) it will pick up easily…  but if you leave liquid (unresolved emotional issues) sitting there for a long period of time, you’ll have a real mess on your hands.

Your safest bet is marble.  You can pretty much do anything and you can clean it up.  The only thing with marble is, you can get to thinking you’re pretty slick and that you’ve got it all covered.  Then you start moving too fast… the next thing you know… you fall and crack your head open.  It happens!

Still, I tend to be a carpet man.  I like the softness, the warmth…  I like to get down on it… maybe I’m lazy… I’d rather be comfortable… so long as I don’t allow any lumps… I’m okay with a little surface dirt.


Soul mates, what’s that mean?  I just signed up for a course on finding your soul mate.  Like a lot of things I do, I just want to be open to possibilities, there so much to learn.  This is not a topic I would have ever thought I’d write about but I get these… ‘hits’… intuitive flashes… well…  all right…  God tells me stuff!  Sometimes it happens like this….

I was writing an email to a family member inviting them to join this free workshop series and I wrote the words;  ‘I’m not trying to get her’.  Yet all my life I’ve been trying to get her, the right one.  The one that fits.  It’s not an obsession, at least I don’t ‘think’ it is.  Like most of us, I’d just like a partner to share my life with.

The next idea that comes to me is that what is trying to emerge in me is my soul, the part of me that is connected, to everything.  I ‘wake up’ and re-cognize, the ‘to get her’ thing I’ve been chasing, is really my own soul growing, emerging so that I can be ‘together’… whole and complete in my own experience.  It’s the feminine quality in me, the intuitive, receptive, feeling part of my nature that I have disconnected from that is emerging in me, the desire to be happily and usefully whole.  I can’t re-cognize my soul mate until I be who I am, whole and complete, otherwise I look for my own togetherness in the other person.

As I open up to all aspects of who I am, I grow in-depth and weight.  Everything happens from the inside out, so only when I am connected (together) internally can I expect, ‘to get her’ as an external expression of my internal state.  Sharing the experiences of being together, and connecting with  each other in an intimate way is how two souls mate, maybe just for a time, or a season.

But what about soul-mates?  I guess I’ll have to see what the workshop holds.

If you’d like to join in the free workshop that starts tomorrow, 7/10:  http://evolvingwisdom.com/attractyoursoulmate/in

Get Yourself Connected with www.possidude.com Drum Circle Workshops!


Why do I think I must have all the answers?  I got an email from a friend that suggested I look at how long the universe has been here…. how long the earth have been here…  how long man has been on the earth… and then how long I’ve been on the planet.  In the scheme of the millions of years the universe has been here, my little lifetime isn’t even the blink of an eye.  I simply don’t know enough to figure it out, but I keep acting like I should be able to.  Check your own track record, don’t we all live like that for the most part?  The best we can do with our finite little minds is develop our opinion (a belief or judgement based on grounds insufficient to produce certainty, according to Webster)

There are some things we can count on with certainty, like gravity.  There may be a higher truth than gravity, but on this planet, to my knowledge, it isn’t experienced yet.  We all use it every day, all day, and no one really understands it fully, but when we align ourselves with it, we are able to have a larger experience of this thing we call life.  We don’t have to figure it out to utilize it.

How about simply breathing?  The air comes in, the air goes out, like it or not, as long as we are alive it goes on.  We didn’t start it and we can’t stop it.  Every second of every day it goes on.  It only happens right now.  Another truth, everything that ever happened, happened in the now.  I can’t breathe yesterday and I can’t breathe tomorrow.

These truths, and I daresay, any truth, doesn’t require our belief in, or acceptance of them, they simply are.  However, when we align ourselves with them we are able to have a fuller experience of life.

It gets a little crazy round about now because the mind balks at these truths precisely because they are unfigureoutable.  The mind tries to comprehend and understand things beyond its capacity to do so.  Having been the sole authority as “who we think we are” it comes up with a million reasons to stop us from looking at these truths.  (kinda sounds like “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” in the Wizard of Oz, doesn’t it)

There is a part of us that knows the truth, it goes by many names, but just like gravity, it is unaffected by what we call it.  It doesn’t force itself on us, it just is.  As we become aware of it we can choose to co-operate with it or not, just as we do with gravity.  Why not just ask that part of you that knows;  “what is always true in my life?”, and see what happens?  I could tell you that asking and receiving are as constant as gravity, but I know you’ll need to find that out for yourself, which of course is how it would have to be.  You’ll never know if you don’t try is the same as you can’t receive if you don’t ask.

Be an adventurer!  Ask for the truth in your own experience… talk to your friends about what you find… explore infinite possibilities… and mostly… be in joy in your life.  Be in gratitude for the wonder of life, just remember, it’s “Unfigureoutable“!

Occupy Our Souls

We have so developed our minds and technology; we just can’t wait for the next generation to come out. it’s always, more, more, more… G3, G4, more apps, faster, faster, faster, that’s the answer.   All promising to make our lives simpler, easier, but… is that your experience?  Or is just more complex, faster, busier, all-consuming?  We believe we are getting a lot more done and faster, but at what cost?  I’m not trying to minimize technology, we have come a long way, but have we really solved any of humanity’s urgent questions, using the mind alone?  Billions spent on education and technology and still people live in poverty.

How about our bodies… extreme sports, super bowls, super cross, ultimate fighting championships… all dedicated to pushing the body to its limits, how strong, how fast, how precise can the body get?  Multi-million dollar contracts, thousand dollar tickets to watch individuals dedicated to developing their bodies to extreme levels, but at what cost?  It’s awesome to watch these dedicated athletes perform, or to challenge yourself to be the best you can be physically. But, again, have we really solved any of humanity’s urgent questions, using the body alone?  Billions spent on sports, developing our bodies, and still our homeless level keeps growing.

We all know we’re out of balance!  Something isn’t right!  The 99% say the 1% are the problem, and of course they are, but we are all the problem!  We have been living from the mind/body perspective and it can only get us so far.  We have forgotten who and what we really are.  We are spiritual beings having a physical/human experience.  We have become so con-fused with religion over the centuries that to even talk about spirituality, brings us generations of resistance and frustration.  Yet, even with all our vast knowledge and abilities, none of us really knows how our hearts beat or what it is that breathes our breath.

It’s time to Occupy Our Souls, individually and collectively!  When we put our attention and energy on our connection to our soul…  by simply and consistently quieting the mind and body… we become peaceful.  We start to become aware of the piece (I’m going to say the Word now, don’t let it scare you), of God we are.  The piece of God we each are.

The definition of a group is “many components that make up a whole”.  Each of us is a Soul, many Souls gathered together to make up a whole… Sole… One.  We are all equal parts of the whole or Sole.  In our re-cognition of that truth is our freedom, the freedom to re-member who we are, and live from that truthIt’s unfigureoutable from the mind or body…  but it can be known from the soul!

We don’t need anyone to tell us that no one should go hungry…  be without a home…  go without healthcare…  or be respected and loved.  Not with all our resources!  It shouldn’t be the way it is.  We all know this, so what happened…

We receive, individually, an in-spire-ation in our soul, from the One, God… the mind then takes the inspiration and says “that’s a great idea, I got it”.  The mind interprets what the soul says…  goes off with its very limited perspective…  and blows the idea way out of proportion because we lose our connection to the source.  The ego, the mind’s perception of itself, becomes the driving force for our life, and we quite literally, forget who and what we really are!   

The solution;  build the relationship with our souls, individually and collectively.  Collectively, by talking with each other about it (the relationship) and how you do it, what works for you.  Individually there are many, many, methods, or paths.

Here is one way I have found, that works.  You don’t have to believe anything to try it and have your own experience.  I call it, “taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together”.

Become Aware when you are upset, disturbed, angry or just don’t feel good.

Pause, just stop, let go of all your thoughts just for one minute, breathe slowly, watch your breath, just for a minute, it will bring you into the present.

When you feel peaceful, Ask your soul, what’s the best perception to have in this situation, what’s the best action I can take, how can I be truly helpful?

If you’ve gotten quiet and stopped your thoughts you will Receive an answer because you asked.  Don’t question what you receive.

Take action on it, try it out, make the phone call, read the book, write down your thoughts, but take action on the inspiration, sometimes that action is just letting go and not taking action.  Sure, you’ll make mistakes, but eventually you will find that accessing your soul and making the connection is the answer you’ve always been looking for.

Go with the Soul!  We really are One.

When each of us is connected individually to our source we can re-cognize our Oneness and co-operate with each other to re-create the world the way we all know it is intended to be!

Get Yourself Connected (the solution)

We shake hands all the time.  What does the hand represent?  It is a group of five fingers making up a whole, hand.  We take it for granted and never realize how important it is, till we don’t have it anymore.  Groups are what our world is made of.  The dictionary defines a group as; many components gathered together for a purpose. 

Using our hand as an example, what if we cut off a finger, is it still a group?  Yes, but it’s not the same group is it?  We can learn to adapt to the new group but we’ll always know something is missing, it isn’t complete.  It isn’t what it was intended to be.  Intended, by who?  By whoever created it!  Intuitively, we will always know something is missing.  The other fingers will have to over-develop to accomplish things they were never intended to do.  We often try to go outside the group, called our hand, to try to fill the hole. 

We even go so far in over-developing the other fingers and using things outside the group that we convince ourselves, we never really needed that finger at all.  But we can see the missing finger so we are always reminded of what’s missing.

Each of us, individually, is a group.  We have three basic components; body, mind, spirit (that part that goes by many names, soul, energy, life force, etc).  Whatever you call that third part, it is the part that makes us alive.  It’s actually more, who we are, than the other two.  We develop our bodies, we work out, exercise, procreate, etc.  and we are always thinking, developing our minds, but what about the spiritual part?  You can’t physically see it, so it isn’t as easily recognized.

Take a larger group, the human group; many components that make up a whole for the purpose of being human.  Humans are the only group that has the ability to choose to believe they are separate from their group.  It’s not the truth but they can think it is, and so, forget who they are. 

The problem is the solution.  We have failed to develop, talk about, or even acknowledge our spiritual life.  I’m not talking about religion.  I’m talking about who we really are, as three parts making up a whole.  We have lost our connection to who we are.  Intuitively we know this and so we try to use our intellect and our bodies to make up for it.  When that fails, we reach outside for more of everything, and it hasn’t worked.  More always seems like an answer but it’s an illusion.  A group can never be made complete from the outside. 

We try to forget that we are all human beings, equal parts of the whole and the result is the world we presently live in.  The answer is always inside the group.  All great teachers have taught us to be still and know.  The answer is there all ready for us, one piece at a time.  It doesn’t come from thinking, economics, or politics, it comes from re-member-ing, becoming a member once again of the body of God ( CwG) as a human being, and acting accordingly.

 Connecting to any group helps us connect to all groups.  It is our connection that brings us out of our self constructed prison of isolation we create by the mistaken belief in separation.  Talking with each other about our group connection re-minds us of who we really are…  equal parts of the Whole.

Connecting to the Tempo

In the PossiDude Drum Workshops I do we talk about tempo.  The speed at which we play.  What I’ve noticed is that when someone loses the tempo they generally get louder and play faster.   It occurred to me, isn’t that what happens when we lose our temper in our life, we get louder and go faster?   In either case…  actually any time I start going fast and get loud, it’s an indicator that I’ve lost my tempo/temper, which means I’ve lost connection to the common-unity I’m in.  When I’m alone and this happens, it means I’ve lost my connection to my source/soul.  The only way I can get reconnected is to stop…. stop thinking… listen… and feel my connection.  Then I am reconnected to who I really am and I can connect to the world around me.

We can never really lose our tempo because we didn’t create it, we can only temporarily get off track.

Power and How to Align with It

I was driving, and, in L.A., everything is an hour away.  I learn alot on the freeways!   My mind tends to wander on useless stuff, and I didn’t want to get into any negativity so I asked the universe, “What should I be thinking about?”.  What is truth anyway, and what is the power that runs everything, where’s it come from?  Nothing heavy, mind you, just your standard run of the mill questions.

I know gratitude always make me feel good, so I began thanking the universe for the car I was driving.  Thank you very much for the car, thank you for this steering wheel, thank you for all the people that made the steering wheel, thank you for all the people that got the materials for the steering wheel, thank you for the plastic material that it’s made of, thank you for the machines that made it, for the people who came up with the idea for the steering wheel, thank you for all the people that transported the materials to make the wheel, thank you for the people that assembled the steering wheel…    and that’s just the steering wheel.

The truth is, the entire universe conspires to bring me everything I need, all the time, even stuff I don’t know I need.  I should be in a state of continual gratitude.  I should be in awe, all the time…    Well, maybe I am and I just don’t recognize it because I choose not to believe I am (interestingly enough that’s God’s name according to Moses).  But, what if it’s true?  I don’t have to believe in gravity for it to be true.  One and one is two, I can argue with it all I want, but it’s still true.  So the truth is always true, even if I can’t see it temporarily.  Maybe I’ve been believing a lie and just acting ungrateful for so long I forgot the truth?

I know it sounds crazy, but of course the truth would sound crazy to a crazy person, wouldn’t it?  Who wants to admit, let alone accept, that they’re crazy?  Maybe, underneath all the crazy thoughts, there is truth… something that is always true… something I can depend on… the power that operates in, as, and through, me.  All I have to do is let go of all my beliefs to the contrary and be willing to start living from that truth!

Ah, but how do we let go of all our old ideas you ask?  One idea at a time, just like the hour drive I mentioned earlier.   I let go of what my mind had to say about the drive and focused on a truth, in this case gratitude.  It could have been the recognition that it’s all good, or any other truth, for that matter.  The question is am I focused on problem solving or the recognition of a good life, right now?

The problem is the problem, and the solution is not in the problem.

I get caught up in my mind trying to figure it out, and that’s the problem.  My mind is there to show me what stands in the way of the truth, once I see what it is, I have awareness.  I have to stop thinking about the problem and concentrate on a truth.  Underneath the seeming problem there is peace, calm, beauty, tranquility, abundance, and love.  I can ask the universe to show me who I am.  That’s the solution and because the truth is always true, it never fails, I can only fail to recognize it.  In which case I only have to try it again and dig a little deeper.  I need to remember, I’ve been believing what my mind tells me about everything for so long, it’s going to take awhile to uncover all the crap I put on top of the truth, so I’ll have to be content with patient improvement.  The only thing that matters is that I make a beginning and keep on trying.  If I don’t quit, I can’t fail!

 Reply to this post, I’d be interested to hear your comments!

Inspiration, 4th of July

The word Inspiration came to mind.  Inspiration… inspire-ation…. in-spira-tion… in-spire-a- nation…  our nation… one nation… one nation under God….inspired… all men are created equal… we hold these truths to be self-evident.  Inspired, not mind made, not created by man’s intellect, but inspired by something greater.  We couldn’t live under another nation’s man made rules, we had to be free.  So we dumped the tea in the bay, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we couldn’t live that way anymore.  It was time.  We didn’t have to think about it, the truth was so plainly evident.  We just needed to make a beginning and rely on inspiration, and we did, not so very long ago.  And we created the greatest nation the world has ever known, created by applying self-evident truths.

Maybe it’s our time.  Maybe it’s your time.  Are you living under a tyrant?  A mind that tells you what everything means and very rarely has anything good to say?  A dictator that tells you what you need to worry about, how you’re failing, or what can go wrong, a tyrant that, no matter how much you pay, or how hard you try, it’s always just a little short?   It’s time to let go of the old nation, the nation governed by the mind.

Maybe it’s time to build a new, internal, nation.  One nation, under God, conceived in liberty, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.  A nation based on self-evident truths.   Sure it’s going to take work and it won’t be easy, but we just can’t live under the old rule anymore.

Maybe it’s time to get back to our common-unity, not what we think about, but what we know to be true, individually, one person at a time.  We can make a beginning by living by these self-evident truths, and quit, a little at a time, being so self-centered.  Reconnect to the One nation under God.  We can’t listen to the old nation (our mind) tell us how to behave anymore, it’s never satisfied.  There’s no such thing as enough in that nation.

In the new nation there are no pat answers but the truth is known by all.  We know no one should go hungry, or be in need of healthcare, all should have a safe place to be, sheltered from the elements.  All are deserving of love, kindness, and compassion.  Just because we don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live from those truths, individually.

The revolution is at hand. Ask each day, consciously; what can I do to live from what I already know is right?  If we don’t ask, we can’t receive.  If each of us asks, the one nation under God, for one thing we can do to live towards these truths each day; we can live in that new nation.  The old nation constantly tells us how it’s too hard… it will never work… who do you think you are… ad infinitum.  There’s no amount of work we can do to save the old nation, we need a new one.  It begins right now, with me and you.  Hug someone you don’t know today.  Make an extra sandwich and eat lunch with someone new.  Ask a stranger who they are and listen to them, or just make a list of the things you can do, and then start doing them!

There’s a PossiDude (positive attitude dude) in each of us. 

It’s who you really are!