The Core of Selfishness

I woke up around 5:45 am and started planning my day, the problems I might have, how to get it all done, the regular stuff.  I managed to mumble some kind of a prayer about God directing my thinking.  When I rolled over, my girlfriend was standing there wishing me a good morning….

She lives a few houses away.  I told her a hundred times I need my space in the morning and I felt the anger start.  I wanted to yell at her and throw her out, but I ‘knew’ something else… she climbed into bed (fully clothed) and wrapped herself around me… I asked God, what is going on here?  I just let, what is, be.  I started to feel something in my stomach… it felt good… this woman loved me.  Here she is offering me all this love and I want to throw her out.  Isn’t this what I’ve wanted my whole life… someone to just love me unconditionally?  I started to ask myself, what the hell is wrong with me.  I hadn’t noticed until then that when I first woke up I wasn’t feeling anything at all… it was all thought, and none of it very good.

But now, I was feeling good…  I rolled over to face her… I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was… how good she felt in my arms.  She got me out of my head with all its crazy thoughts, and into my body.  When I’m centered in my body, I feel good… when I feel good, I thank God for the feeling… when I thank God for the feeling, I appreciate life… when I appreciate life, I see the beauty of life everywhere.

And then it hit me, what my problem was and always has been… I’m so dam selfish!  I’d rather hang onto my own miserable thoughts than allow myself to experience the love that is constantly being offered to me by my creator through whatever is present in the moment.  I hold onto my own ideas at all costs.  It’s like I thumb my nose at the gift of life and try to create my own version of heaven, which usually turns out to be hell.

I read recently that the highest thoughts are those that contain joy… the highest words are those that contain truth… the highest feelings are those that we call love… these things are of God… anything else is not of God.  It matters not where you begin… one always leads to the other… thought… word… deed…

When she offered me the love and I let myself have it, my feelings changed… when my feelings changed, I told her how wonderful she was… when I told her the truth, my thoughts changed and I couldn’t even remember what I was worried about… I was living in God’s world… full of appreciation and love.  And by leaving the sex out there was no danger of perverting this moment into something selfish.

I recognized that it is only my selfish pursuit of my misdirected thoughts that produce my own misery.  Thank you God for that awareness!


How does our brain work?  According to an expert, and from her experience of a stoke (see video:  brain scientist insight ), our left brain processes, files, figures things out, sorts, and organizes all the information we accumulate in our life.  Our right brain is what accepts everything as it is.  All of it.  In all its splendor.  One giant cosmic whole.  A swirling mass of energy and light moving in perfect harmony.  We need both to live in the physical world.  You might look at the brain in this way; the right brain is all the information there is, and the left brain makes it useful.  We reason things out with the left brain based on the information we have, to create our lives and the things we do… the human part.  The right brain sees everything in its fullness, complete in its relation to everything else as part of the whole… the being part.

In order to experience the being part we must have the human part.  The being part inspires the human part with ideas, insights, of who we really are.  Then the human part organizes the data and brings the idea into manifestation.  When the being part is dominant, we are in la la land, peace and love and all that.  When we are in the human part, it’s all about evidence, hard facts, what we call reality.  We call right brain thinking, dreaming, and left brain thinking, reasoning.  What we are aiming for is balance.  The question is “how do we do that?”.

Why not try re-zoning instead of reason-ing.  Re-zoning some space in our left brain.  Spend some time quieting down, meditating, connecting to nature, listening to the silence. These things allow space in the left brain to receive inspiration, ideas, and concepts, from our right brain.  The things that are not part of our experience.  They have yet to be created.  The regular practice of things like this will begin to re-zone the way we think.  All great teachers throughout the ages have taught this.  Now science is saying the same thing.

All this presented me with another interesting idea.  I was writing the word reason out and it came out re-a-son.  Re means to do again…  a means singular… and son is an offspring of two things coming together.  So a singular idea might come from, all that is, in the right brain, enters into the left brain that processes that idea, which then creates a son, the offspring of the right and left brain coming together to create something man-I-festered in the physical world.  Which would make all of us, individual vehicles for the manifestation of God, all that is, expressing through us, and as us.  Or not….  you decide.    (oh, and feel free to comment on the post)

Emerging Consciousness

There is an emerging consciousness in each of us that is expressing itself, in spite of our resistance to it.

Everyone intuitively knows this but only some have come to align themselves with it.  Through inspiration, from our source, many methods have been discovered, or revealed that make it possible for this consciousness to express itself as us, in the physical world.

This consciousness guides us to a method and to people who practice a similar method.  Together they become a network, an invisible net, like a butterfly net.  This net is made of the truths that are received through inspiration.  Each person adds their experience of these truths to the net and so it becomes very strong.

As we go through this life we come across these nets, and have the choice to pass right through, or grab hold and attach to it, eventually becoming a part of it.  There are many nets and only by individual choice do we become a part of them.

Once we attach ourselves to a net, we become familiar with all of its truths.  Some love their network so much they think everyone should be part of it and so they add things to it.  However, this only makes it slippery and harder to get hold of, or it hurts people when they pass through.

Those that have the best real knowing of their net, begin to see their truths in some of the other networks.  More and more people are beginning to re-cognize the similarities and not the differences.  Over time, the realization came; they had to stop arguing of over who’s net was better and lighten up.  Those that were enlightened (inwardly lightened) reached out and connected with the other nets to make a larger, more inclusive network.

So… “get yourself connected” to a path, your path, your net, but make sure it’s not contaminated.  If it’s got crap on it, it might cause you to lose your grip.  If it doesn’t love everybody, it’s got crap on it.  If it separates you, it’s got crap on it.  If it makes somebody right and somebody wrong, it’s got crap on it.  There’s a lot of good solid nets out there, sometimes you just have to get underneath all the crap to make that connection.

I read this post to my friend and his comment to me was:   “Paul, I’m sure a lot of people will get a lot out of what you’re talking about…  I’m just not one of them!”   And my comment to him and to you is;

Take what you can use and leave the rest!

Principles and Power

As a human being, the power that runs my life is given me by whatever created me, to use as I wish, that’s why I call it my-self’.  I don’t recognize my-self as a power, I think, that’s just the way it is, and my-self comes in conflict with your-self because we each have different perspectives or viewpoints.  There is a larger Self from which we each come from but, because of our perspectives, we even argue over that.  Our disagreements about the larger Self have no effect on it.   In truth the power of self is only my experience of the larger Self operating through me.  To the extent that I think of my-self as separate from the larger Self do I become unconscious of who, I am.  I then create a false self (often referred to as ego) and lose my connection to the source of all power.  This false self has no power of its own because it isn’t real, I can believe it does, but that doesn’t make it true.

It’s like darkness.  When the light comes into darkness the darkness disappears because it is only the absence of light, the darkness has no power of its own.  Or take the principle of gravity, the amazing things that we accomplish, that appear to overcome gravity, airplanes, space flight, etc., aren’t really overcoming gravity as much as they are cooperating with it to produce the desired result.  The more we know about this truth called gravity, the more we can work with it and it actually serves us.

We can’t create power, it is always there, but we can become aware of it, recognize how it operates, align ourselves with it so that it works for us.  The more we learn about a principle or truth the more we can accomplish our goals and objectives.  All our progress has come from searching and researching these truths.

What about spiritual principles?  They would operate the same way, principles being true everywhere and all the time.  If we become aware of these truths, recognize how they operate from our own experience, and align ourselves with them, we become more of who we were always meant to be, a unique expression of our true Self.  The ego doesn’t like this because it thinks it is who I am.  It thinks it a power, the only power, and it will use anything to stop me from questioning its power, fear being the number one weapon it uses.  The ego isn’t a bad guy, it’s just trying to survive, but I’m not my ego.

If I temporarily forget to live by these principles I lose my awareness of them, I forget who I am, and I wander into the darkness. The ego’s domain.  Does that mean the darkness is real?  It feels like it is.  But the truth is, it’s just the absence of the light.  The minute I stop arguing, I begin to see and feel.  Despite all the seeming evidence to the contrary, I know the light is there in me.  Now I can, begin again, to live from these principles by aligning myself with them… and the light gets brighter!  I have to stop going any further into the darkness, look for the light, and begin to move in that direction.

The more I dis-cover these truths, in my own experience, live them, and share them with others, the more I re-connect to my fellows and my creator.

Pick a Path / Connect to the Group

What is the importance of a group and what is a group anyway?  When I asked those questions in meditation, or, I should say those questions were presented in meditation.  They really weren’t my questions, I’d never asked them before.  So why was I asking them now?  hmm….

A group, by definition is:  many components that make up a whole or many things gathered together for a purpose.  If something is missing from a group, it’s not the same group.  It’s not the way it was intended.  Intended by who; whoever created it!

In the case of a car, if the AC isn’t working is it still a car?  But it’s not the same car is it?  It’s not the way it was intended by whoever designed the car.  It still works great otherwise, but we always know, especially on a hot day, something is missing.  Most likely we will get it fixed as soon as possible because we want it to be as it was intended.

So awareness that something is missing is the first thing that happens when a group isn’t whole.  This is a principle found in all groups.  If a component of the group is missing, we intuitively know something is missing.  We may be able to get along without it, but on some level, we still know, something is missing.

The second thing that happens, when something is missing in a group is, the remaining components have to make up for the missing part and they try to do things they were never intended to do.  In the case of our car, with us in the car, we become part of the new group called the car and us.  With no AC, we put the windows down in the hope that the air will cool us off, maybe we adjust the vents, put the fan on, etc., but nothing really works and we miss the AC.

The third thing that happens when a group is not complete is we reach outside the group to try to find something to fill the hole.  We get a small fan and mount it on the dashboard, get some ice water or a cold drink, but nothing really works.  We will always know the AC is missing.  That’s a man-made group, a car.

What about naturally occurring groups?  Plants, animals, humans, these are not man-made groups, but they function the same.  Let’s just look at the human group;  many components that make up the group called humanity for the purpose of being human.  Humans are the only group that thinks it can separate itself from the group it belongs to.  We have black and white, christian and muslim, fat and skinny, old and young, you get the picture…  Every time we create an imaginary ‘sub’ group, we get further and further away from our connection to the group we belong to and intuitively we know something is missing.  We have gotten so dis-connected from our group, we have forgotten who we are, human beings.  In our attempt to find a solution outside the group, we grab for more of everything, in the hope we will fill the hole, we become human doings, not beings.

We are three-part beings, each of us. Spirit (the animating principle in living things), mind, and body, our group.  We have over-developed our minds and our bodies but we failed to develop our spiritual lives.  Intuitively we know something is missing in our group.  In our car example, we can see what is missing so we know what it is.  We can’t see with our eyes what our spirit looks like, yet it is the most important part, our animating principle.  We can’t really lose our connection, but we can, ‘think’ we can.

Isn’t it about time!  About time to get connected.  There are many paths we can utilize to connect with our spirit, many methods we can use, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel here!  What we do have to learn, however,  is when we go off in the wrong direction.  It’s not that difficult.  We get off-track when we use our minds to try to decide purpose, instead of our hearts.  We act on what we already know in our little pea brains instead of relying on our connection to our source, with infinite intelligence.  Our minds developed an ego that says “I’m all you got”, but the ego doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.

In the case of our car metaphor, don’t you think the guy that designed the car would be the best one to contact if the car isn’t operating properly?  He would at least know how to put you in touch with what to do or who to see to solve the problem.

Why is it that we don’t contact our creator and ask “hey, our group is screwed up, we forgot we are all equal parts of the one whole, humanity.  What can I do today, how can I co-operate with the other members of humanity?”  When we complain we become aware of the problem, (we need to stop all action, get quiet, ask, receive, and taking action on what we receive), when we co-operate the solution presents itself. 

No matter how smart we think we are, the problem is in the mind, and you can’t fix the mind using the mind.  Whatever path you choose, look for similarities, what makes us alike, not the differences.  The differences are only there so we can see what needs to change in us.  We have to start with a new perception for any real change occur.

So… pick a path… your path… but ask your soul what the words mean for you… don’t question the answer you get… your soul knows what is right for you in each moment… don’t be afraid… you are not alone… and allow others their path… rejoice, together in the similarities and make the connection!


The evolution of my soul.  I used to have a hard time with that word, evolution.  I thought it was in conflict with God somehow.  It actually isn’t in conflict with anything, actually it is in harmony with everything.  Science tells me that everything changes all the time.  Nothing I look at today is the same as it was yesterday.  Everything is evolving and growing.  If it’s true in one area of life, it’s true in all, so of course the re-cognition of my soul is evolving too.  Since my soul, or spirit, is directly linked to my creator, the expression of who I am, as intended by my creator, is constantly expanding, becoming more of what my creator’s intention for me is.

Whenever I cut off that link to my creator, I am limited to the information I already know and I immediately rely on my mind (the storage base of everything I’ve experienced, and the power I normally use) to make the choices for who I am and who I am becoming.  I attempt to use logic and intellect to solve my problems and sometimes, it works.  It’s kind of like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  It seems to work for a while but with no inspiration, and the mind’s insistence that it is right, no new life can flow and eventually I outsmart myself and I’m left with a bigger problem, or I create a whole new problem down the road.  My mind is always looking for the bottom line, the finished product, complete, but life doesn’t work that way.  Like it or not, everything evolves or grows to the next higher level, or it dies out.

So I can’t figure this thing out is my first step.  I need to rely on this thing that I can’t see or touch, called my soul, my connection to my creator for inspiration.  Only my ego stands in the way(what I think I know).  I can see how powerful and arrogant it is by how unwilling, I often am, to even ask for inspiration, let alone, getting still, letting go of all my ‘great’ ideas, and waiting for what shows up.

My experience with doing this and then taking action on what I receive (over and over again) has enabled me to express myself in ways that I never dreamed I could, or even knew I wanted to, like this blog.  I read somewhere that “Deep down in every man woman and child is the fundamental idea of God… it is only there that it can be found”.  That ‘idea’ is growing in all of us, like it or not.  Its like I was asleep, using my mind as if it was, absolutely, who I am, the ultimate authority.  It’s time to wake up!  I find that if I co-operate and allow my soul to express itself as me, I live in a new and wonderful world, no matter what the seeming evidence to the contrary.

With all the problems we are now facing, our only real solution is the soul-ution.  Allow our soul to be the power for our lives and live from that place.  You already know this…  if you get quiet for a minute and stop listening to the noise in your head.  If you try it… the truth becomes Self-evident,.  If you start arguing with it… get quiet again… let go… and ask again… it is the simplest thing in the world, but its not easy.

When I question my minds authority by asking my soul for inspiration and watch what my mind tells me; I am then looking at the only thing that stands in the way of my seeing the truth.  And the truth is; God is expressing himself to me, through me, and as me all the time, I just wasn’t listening.  Each day (each moment) is a new beginning!

Begin your own conversation right now.

Who’s Idea Is It?

I was reading a book the other day by one of my favorite authors.  It blew me away that he was talking about the same thing I had just written about, just slightly different.  My first thought was, “Did I steal his idea?”

This has happened many times in the past, I used to just assume I’d read their work before.  Or else I’d think, “somebody’s already doing this”, and that would be enough to stop me.  I’d often wonder, “How do you come up with an original idea?”  And how do you protect it, so no one can steal your idea?  We have things like copy writes, deeds, titles, ownership and confidentiality agreements which I’m sure are necessary.  These are the rules we play by in the world we have created.

I have a different outlook on it today.  Consider this approach.  Underneath all seeming evidence to the contrary, we are all part of the One Whole (Sole).   You and I are individualized unique (soul) expressions of this Sole.  All souls within a group make up the Whole group, in this case human beings.  No one soul is more or less important than another, they are just equal parts of the whole.

There is only one mind, the mind of the One, ever-expanding.  In each of us is a part of the One mind to use as we choose.  You might say, we are each a thought in the mind of the One mind.  Stay with me here.  We are constantly being given new ideas coming from the One mind which is the source of all ideas but because we have forgotten who we are, we think our thoughts belong to us individually.  Rather than cooperating with the other thoughts (to create what the One mind has in mind) we compete with the other thoughts because we have come to believe “our thoughts” are better or more important.

We are given the freedom to re-member    We are free to create our own seeming reality or we can re-member (become a member once again of the mind of the One).  The mind of the One is perfect, whole, and complete, knows all things, can do all things, and is all things.  With my piece of the One mind I am free to choose to believe I can create something other than the truth and then act on that belief.

The cool thing about principles, when you consider them, is that they are always true and are never, not true.   If the truth is we are all One then it doesn’t matter what I think I know, it’s still true.  All ideas come from the mind of the One, since we are all one, all we have to do is remember, in a split second, the truth.  In that second we have access to all knowledge, hence in-spire-ation happens.  My egoic self, that thinks I’m separate, thinks I just thought it up myself.  Then fear comes in to tell me I need to protect “my idea” and I claim ownership of the idea, as if it was mine alone.

When I started having inspiration and began to see things that others have seen and written about, I was coming from the old egoic thinking.  Now I see it as it truly is:  when I align myself with the truth and live in accordance with true principles, even a little, I, at least to a small degree, make myself ready to receive this inspiration.

The most amazing thing is that all I have to do is build an awareness of what is not true, ask the truth to remove it and the truth becomes self-evident.

Logical Order Form

Try this out in your own life, see if it’s true for you. Spirit provides inspiration for the mind.  The mind produces concepts and ideas that lead…  to manifestation or materialization (body). Anything real that was ever created, came into being in that order. This article was inspired, put in my mind and then put on paper. Likewise, you were inspired to read this, put it in your mind and it will manifest as change in some form, in your life. We don’t always recognize what produced the changes in our life but, just because we don’t always see things fall when we drop them, gravity never fails. Truth isn’t to be believed, it’s to be experienced for it to be reality in our life, over and over again.  Just as aligning ourselves with gravity becomes a working part of the mind, it is from the re-cognition and application of logical order form that we come into alignment with any truth (principle).
All our struggles come from our dis-connetion from inspiration (spirit) due to the mis-taken belief that we can exert self wlll (the mind) independently of inspiration and circumvent the natural order form of creation.  We actually believe that what we create independently is real. We gather mountains of evidence to proof it. But, here’s the simple test: close your eyes, your physical eyes, and ask, without seeing, does this have any real meaning?  Without our sight, age has no meaning, color, money, material possessions, status, all the things we believe have meaning collapse without seeing them, they are the illusion. When our eyes are closed, we have to rely on our real(eyes)ize to know the truth. Our spiritual vision that is given all of us at birth. That part of ourselves that we have failed to develop.

The good news is, it’s still there. Our unique and individual experience of who we really are is impossible to lose and it is constantly offering us every good think. Just for the asking……..

In the Presence of Pre-science!

In any moment of time we have the world as we each know it to be, the seeming reality of our life.  It’s our history of what our experience has been and it tells us what is what.  It may have nothing to do with actual reality but that’s very hard to see as it’s all we’ve ever known.  The very idea of life being something other than what we believe it to be brings up such resistance that we dismiss the very idea without really considering that it might be true.

Here’s the thing, we can take everything we think we know, all our everyday stuff, put it aside for a minute and ask, What kind of world would I want to live in?  See what comes, not from our minds but just see what idea makes itself available to us.  We can ask any question regarding any particular area of our lives and see what shows up.  Imagine if it really is true – ask and you shall receive.  Is it that simple really?  Could it just be that we have been asking but we keep using the same info to try to get the answer…  our minds?  Maybe what we think we know has been the problem all along.  Maybe where we went wrong was we chose the wrong authority to answer the question?

In an infinite universe, with unlimited possibilities, why would we keep going to a mind with a limited number of years experience and an finite amount of knowledge, when we could go to whatever power created everything in the cosmos and just ask that power instead?  We don’t even have to believe that power is real, all we have to is try it, ask…  and see what comes.

Here’s our real problem.  Each of us, no matter how educated, spiritual, religious, or whatever we think we are, try to fight against that power that is manifesting itself, in, as, and through us constantly because we ‘think’ we are separate from it.  It seems too big to think that I am a part of that awesome power, and that very thought is preventing me from experiencing it.  The awareness that, I am a part, not apart, of the “I am” presence, connects me to the truth that we are all a part of the One Prescience (knowledge of things before they exist or happen).  As I let go of all my concerns, I come into the present moment and in doing so I make myself ready to receive the Present being offered to me constantly by my creator, a brand new idea!

Be still and know that, I am, God!

Simplicity Itself

Take a look at your life as a human being, what can you really count on for sure?  What do we absolutely know will be there no matter what?  What can every human being be certain of?   As long as we are alive our heart will be beat and we will breath.  We didn’t start this process and we can’t stop it. Something, other than who we know ourselves to be is powering us.

Why not try just connecting with that power? Just get quiet and witness as it breathes us, beats our heart.  Why is it that the things that are absolutely certain in life are the last ones we go to when we look for answers?

Everyone says they want the sure thing, but we act like compulsive gamblers, hoping for long shot.

We forgot that that spirit that powers us, connects us to each other, and everything else, is really who we are.  We have been programmed to believe we are our minds and bodies and we try to live on that basis.  It never works..

When we stop the mind and body what’s left is our connection to our spirit, which is our connection to that one who has all power, knows everything, and is everywhere.  But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself…  ask that power in you…  after you’ve gotten quiet… for an intuitive thought or idea.

Have your own experience of your true power operating in, as, and through, you.  It’s simplicity itself.  It’s happening every minute of every day, whether you are aware of it or not.

But you can’t receive if you don’t ask!