Metaphor/Re-cognition (How to get the ‘hell’ outta here!)

My soul is my connection to my source.  My soul draws everything to me that I need in any given moment to move me in the direction I came here to go.  It inspires (inwardly in spirits) my mind with ideas, my mind develops the program that my brain then processes, and my body carries out the program creating my life as I know it.  My mind is the fastest software developer known to man.  It is imperative that the link between my soul and my mind is connected so I receive the updates that are constantly being sent from the soul. Without these updates the mind develops software with incomplete information creating defective or incomplete programs for my brain to run, producing undesired results in my human experience (hell).  By the time I notice undesired results in the physical world I have been running defective programs for some time.  Initially this is felt as some form of pain or struggle.  Awareness of the pain or struggle is the first step in change.

Pause or stop all action is the next step (the program I’m running isn’t working).  This is not a change of thought; it’s a stopping of thought, a letting go of all mental activity.  This can be done by re-cognizing, in the world or the body, something that just is.  Stepping aside from thought to just be with what is… the breath, the chair I‘m in, the sounds around me…   Going from thought… to feeling… to just being, reconnects me.  When I’m connected, I re-member (become a member once again) of who, I am, is.  I am more than my thoughts and my body.  I am a-part of the whole , not apart.  From this place I can co-operate with the natural order form stated above, by living, applying, the next inspired idea.

My soul operates on principles that never fail; it never forces anything… it just is what it is.  I can argue with it all I want; in fact, it’s the only problem I have (arguing with what is).  My whole life is about letting go of the argument (my thought in the moment) so I can co-operate with the truth, and be the person I came here to be.  I do this when I Ask, in the silence, for an inspiration.  If I haven’t gotten quiet first this will not work, as my mind, not my soul, is still in control of my life.

Just knowing that asking is a principle, and cannot fail, tells me that my solution is already there.  The question is, can I let go enough to Receive it?  Rarely will what I receive look like the solution to my problem.  Why should it, its new information, it didn’t come from my mind it came from inspiration.  It takes great willingness to see and trust what I receive.  Like everything else, the more I do it, the better I get.

Being willing to see it is great, but faith without works is dead.  The next principle is to Take action, or try out, what I received.  Here my mind balks.  It will try to run old programs; its evidence is overwhelming, ‘that can’t be right’, it will tell me.  I find, just knowing, that is what it will do, often enables me to take the action anyway.  I need to take the action and trust my soul, rather than my mind.

This is a way of life to “get connected” that never fails; I can only fail to apply it.  Think about gravity.  When we first learned as infants to co-operate with it, we first learned to sit, then walk, run etc.  We fell often, but today we co-operate with gravity every minute of the day.  It’s become a way of life, and so it is with all principles.  There’s an order form I can align myself with to:

“Get the ‘hell’ outta my life”!.

Taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together!

2 responses to “Metaphor/Re-cognition (How to get the ‘hell’ outta here!)

  1. Paul,
    You are an amazing soul. This is so deep I needed to read it several times just to grasp it. Of course my mind told me while reading it for the first time (at half concentration because I know better of course) that I already knew this information. That’s just it. It isn’t information that I can know it must be principles that I translate into spiritual action. Thanks for being a soulful innovator. I will gladly walk in your dust.

  2. I just want to share an experience of mine that’s about what your writing here. I’m from the Netherlands so maybe you will be inspired by my use of English, since you like to play with words..1,5 years ago I had an opportunity to start in a new job. It all came to me without effort. But the thing that worried me was a really loud voice in my head telling me ‘NO, NO, NO, NO’ as not to take the job. I took it anyway. And it wasn’t the easiest 1,5 year at this job. I still think this voice was not coming from the souls perspective, but from my mind, since in my point of view the soul wouldn”t scream so hard.
    Now I’m 1,5 years further and between two jobs. Another job came to me with no effort again. I’m still frightened for the new job and also excited at the same time. I had a voice again in my mind telling me I wouldn’t get the job. The voice was not so loud anymore though, it was just telling me I wouldn’t get the job. But I did get it. Now the feelings of exitment and fear are coming and going. Today I had another feeling of applying for another job that was coming by. A job I would feel really secure and only enthousiastic for (no more feelings of fear, at least that was my thought about it). That really appealed to me too, because there would be no more fear inside of me (I thought (:). I was thinking about it this afternoon how it would be to just apply for this job and get it and not have so much job related fear anymore.
    Reading your piece I see now that my thinking about this job without coming form silence isn’t what I would like to follow. I also had this feeling today that I could really embrace my fear and see it as my ally. Sometimes it is hard though to see when my thinking comes from fear and when from love. The mind can be so tricky.

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