God uses everything to talk to me… and once in awhile I hear.

I was watching a reality show last night.  It was a dysfunctional business, like a lot of businesses.  Some employees were stealing, some hated being there at all, and others couldn’t make the tough decisions and people walked all over them.  At first I was angry.  How could they steal from their employer?  Why is this guy on a job he obviously hates?  Why is she such a wimp?  Why don’t they take any responsibility?

As the show went on, I began to look at my own life; I stole from employers, maybe not money, but I loafed a lot and didn’t give them my best, I bad mouthed places that I worked at to other employees and pretty much anyone that would listen (in very subtle ways of course), I was a boss and kept employees on that I know needed to go.  So I am every one of these people… we are the same.

The show’s mc made each person see that there was a higher purpose than their own selfish desires or feelings, it was about making it work…for everyone.  Each needed to step up and take responsibility for their actions… or get out.  It wasn’t about complying, it was about commitment and, dare I say ‘caring”.

I went to sleep last night and woke up in this morning, thinking;  why am I not living the life I want, why am I giving lousy excuses for not living my dream, why am I talking trash about other people, why am I allowing people to take up space in my life when I know they shouldn’t be there?

So here’s what I saw in the show and, one more time, in my own life.  First there is awareness, that I’m the problem.  Second I have to pause, and feel that, own it.  Third, I have to ask, ‘What is the right thing here?’ no bull.  Fourth, be honest with the answer I receive.  Fifth, I have to trust, by taking the action necessary toward what I received, no excuses.

These are universal principles that are always true, God keeps showing me them over and over again, in different ways, because I keep falling into the error of my old thinking.  It is only from our experience of what doesn’t work that most of become willing to look at what does.  (We learn best from our mistakes) In some areas we are in perfect alignment with these principles and other areas… we have a lot to learn.  It’s progress not perfection.

The overriding principle that allows for growth is; it’s not about us individually.  When we come from the group as a whole, whatever group that is, business, family, team, church, or whatever, it allows us to get out of our self-centeredness enough to receive inspiration from whatever is there when our egos are out of the picture.

It is living from our connection to the group that we gro-up!

Common Sense

Why do we call it common sense anyway… it doesn’t seem to be so common?  It’s just doing the right thing.  I know I have common sense… but I’ve been in survival mode for so long… I mix up  my instincts with what, I sense, is right.  At first I couldn’t see how that happened.  But, once I became willing to seriously look at it, it wasn’t so hard to understand.  But I have to tell you… my instincts sure don’t want to look at it.

I started with some basics, things I just know.  I know no one should go hungry… be homeless… or go without medical care… nobody had to tell me that.  But “what can one person do?” my mind reasoned.  It’s so overwhelming… just asking the question feels so… hopeless.  My instincts pop up and justify my not even looking at the question…  and so, I feel bad for “those people” who are struggling… if I have extra (a very relative term), I’m willing to help out… so long as I don’t have to give up my stuff… or any of “my” time.  Such is the way I fall into “us vs. them” mentality.  Now I ask you, ‘where’s the “common” in that?’.

That’s what instinctual living does.  I use my reasoning mind to try to make sense out of my behavior… but my ‘common sense’ knows better.  Why?  Because common sense doesn’t belong to me… it’s what’s common in all of us…  it’s what makes us human beingsnot just human doings.  It’s the sense of unity that we all have… whether we like it or not.

Growing up, I was taught to… rise above the crowd… get to the top… distinguish myself… be a winner… get ahead… and basically, be anything but… ‘common’.  Without common sense as my guide I tried to live by my instincts… and the instincts drove me further away from my commonality with my fellow-man.  The further I separated myself from my fellows… the less my life made sense.  Coming to ‘my senses’ means remembering what is common to all of humanity, and living from that place.  It requires no thought!

“So what is this thing called humanity anyway?”, I asked myself.  A group of people.  And I began to look at the “group” instead of my individual life.  Then I looked up the word group and found a couple of definitions:

  1. many components gathered together for a purpose
  2. many parts that make up a whole.

From this new perspective, we’re all just “a” part of the human group.  We are… many components gathered together for a purpose… that make up the whole… humanity.  It doesn’t require agreement… it only requires co-operation.  It simple, is.  We can choose not to cooperate with it… just like we can choose not to cooperate with gravity… but, eventually  it gets very painful…

So how do we begin to live using our common sense?

“taking it A.P.A.R.T. … so it can come together” is a method that can be used by anyone to learn to reconnect with what’s been missing in our lives, what we have in common.  Knowing about common sense is one thing, living by it requires tools, because we’ve built our character instinctively, not intuitively.  There are many methods that offer these ‘tools’.  Here is a simple one that really works:

A.wareness that something isn’t right.  P.ause and let go of everything I think I know, become still.  A.sk that part of me that is common to all the other parts.  R.eceive via inspiration, what is there already.  T.rust and take action on that inspiration.

Give it a try… try it a few times… try it when it hurts… slow it down… it works every time… the only time it doesn’t work is when I don’t apply it!

  If you’d like more information on how to apply this method in your life, or to schedule a workshop, email us at:  rethynkit@gmail.com

Common sense is what makes us sane.  Living by anything else is just plain insanity.

Self-evident Truths

We hold these truths to be Self-Evident… that all men are created equal…but why don’t we live that way?  The self we’ve been using is the smaller self.  It’s the person we think we are, with all the vast intelligence and self-centered, ego fed crap that we say we “believe”.  The illusive character behind the scenes that causes all our problems.  The mind powered computer that disconnects us from the truth of who we are, with all of it’s logic, schemes, and plans.  And yet, with all that.. we all, still know… at least on some level…no one should go hungry… we shouldn’t hurt each other.  Basic truths, we all know, but not from our mind, the source of the smaller self… but from our Soul… the higher Self.

It doesn’t take a genius to see we are all disconnected from our souls.  We’ve gone so far over board in developing our intellect, we’ve totally forgotten, who we really are.   Self-Evident truths never change… but we can refuse to re-cognize them… which we have all done… otherwise we’d be living them.  To go up against the norm is tough… it’s easier, we think, at least for the time being, to just go along with the game… make sure I get my share (although it’s always a little short of what I think I want)… and not think about how unbalanced it is.  But it’s getting late for all of us.   We are killing our chances of surviving as a species.  Oh, I know, it sounds so dramatic!  But the truth is so simple… we just won’t apply it!

It’s gonna take all of us, but it starts with just a few… how do we get connected?  We have been living apart for so many generations…. how do we go from living apart to being a part?  Equal parts of the One whole.

My friend Noel and I were inspired to create a workshop series on just how to re-member(become a member once again) of who we really are.  We call it: taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together.  Living from Self-Evident truths is a lot easier than “thinking about it”.  When we be who we are, what we do is in harmony… when we think we’re what we’re not, we only do harm.

We have a unique and fun way of re-presenting truths in which participants actual experience them…  it’s not just information…  it’s application.  And that makes all the difference!

If you’d like to try a workshop send us your email and we’ll put you on our mailing list for workshops in your area.  And if you’re in the southern California area and would like to do a workshop for your organization, event, or group, please, email me your information and I’d be happy to talk to you about what we do.  paul@possidude.com

It’s Time to … get yourself connected!

How to Change the World

We are a nation, a world for that matter, of consumers and to that extent we are all self-absorbed.  Our own desires come first.  We have lost our connection to our group, the group called human beings.

I’m not saying we can’t have stuff, but how much is enough?  Instead of looking at those that have more and asking how can I get that?  We might try looking at those that have less and ask, how can I best help balance it out a bit, in some small way?  And I don’t mean donating cash to try to buy our way out of looking at the problems the world faces.  I’m talking, actually going and looking at one of those problems face to face and asking, what would the right thing to do be?  How might I make a tiny difference?

I believe we don’t look or ask those questions because we can’t see an answer at first glance, so we don’t think there is one.  Then we get overwhelmed and refuse to look because it hurts.  We go back to our separated lives and try to buy more stuff to fill the hole where the hurt is; the new car, home, TV, cell phone, or whatever.  It seems to work for a while, but if you’re honest with yourself, you know it doesn’t last.  We always need a better one or the new one that just came out.

Imagine this:

Whenever we want to make a purchase for x amount, we are required to go look at one of society’s problems first.  Really look at the problem and ask ourselves what should we do about this?  From all the ideas that people come up with, only those that would benefit everyone get entered into a database.  The database stores them by topic and everyone that looks at that topic has access to all of the existing ideas.  Each person then would either add to an existing idea or present a new one.  In this way we would find solutions together based on what benefits everyone in the group…  all of us.

If you still decide to buy the new whatever it is, you would have at least taken a serious look at how you might help, which starts the change from self-centered to group centered behavior.  Even that little bit helps connect us to each other.  No one is going to come up with an answer…  it must come from all of us!

It’s a beginning….


Money is the value we give things based on a world that believes it can own what it did not create.  It starts with the ego’s idea of separation, my house, my car, my job, my partner, etc.  The word “my” separates us.  We see ourselves as different and go about life identifying the differences and forget who we are, (equal parts of the whole).  Interesting that we use the word “money” to try and combine the separated self ‘my’ and the connected Self ‘one’ to create an illusionary value.  No matter how we try we cannot separate ourselves from who we are.  There is only One and that One simply is ….

we either have (my) or we are (one)

It’s time to re-member who we are…  re-mind each other…  and act accordingly!

Pick a Path / Connect to the Group

What is the importance of a group and what is a group anyway?  When I asked those questions in meditation, or, I should say those questions were presented in meditation.  They really weren’t my questions, I’d never asked them before.  So why was I asking them now?  hmm….

A group, by definition is:  many components that make up a whole or many things gathered together for a purpose.  If something is missing from a group, it’s not the same group.  It’s not the way it was intended.  Intended by who; whoever created it!

In the case of a car, if the AC isn’t working is it still a car?  But it’s not the same car is it?  It’s not the way it was intended by whoever designed the car.  It still works great otherwise, but we always know, especially on a hot day, something is missing.  Most likely we will get it fixed as soon as possible because we want it to be as it was intended.

So awareness that something is missing is the first thing that happens when a group isn’t whole.  This is a principle found in all groups.  If a component of the group is missing, we intuitively know something is missing.  We may be able to get along without it, but on some level, we still know, something is missing.

The second thing that happens, when something is missing in a group is, the remaining components have to make up for the missing part and they try to do things they were never intended to do.  In the case of our car, with us in the car, we become part of the new group called the car and us.  With no AC, we put the windows down in the hope that the air will cool us off, maybe we adjust the vents, put the fan on, etc., but nothing really works and we miss the AC.

The third thing that happens when a group is not complete is we reach outside the group to try to find something to fill the hole.  We get a small fan and mount it on the dashboard, get some ice water or a cold drink, but nothing really works.  We will always know the AC is missing.  That’s a man-made group, a car.

What about naturally occurring groups?  Plants, animals, humans, these are not man-made groups, but they function the same.  Let’s just look at the human group;  many components that make up the group called humanity for the purpose of being human.  Humans are the only group that thinks it can separate itself from the group it belongs to.  We have black and white, christian and muslim, fat and skinny, old and young, you get the picture…  Every time we create an imaginary ‘sub’ group, we get further and further away from our connection to the group we belong to and intuitively we know something is missing.  We have gotten so dis-connected from our group, we have forgotten who we are, human beings.  In our attempt to find a solution outside the group, we grab for more of everything, in the hope we will fill the hole, we become human doings, not beings.

We are three-part beings, each of us. Spirit (the animating principle in living things), mind, and body, our group.  We have over-developed our minds and our bodies but we failed to develop our spiritual lives.  Intuitively we know something is missing in our group.  In our car example, we can see what is missing so we know what it is.  We can’t see with our eyes what our spirit looks like, yet it is the most important part, our animating principle.  We can’t really lose our connection, but we can, ‘think’ we can.

Isn’t it about time!  About time to get connected.  There are many paths we can utilize to connect with our spirit, many methods we can use, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel here!  What we do have to learn, however,  is when we go off in the wrong direction.  It’s not that difficult.  We get off-track when we use our minds to try to decide purpose, instead of our hearts.  We act on what we already know in our little pea brains instead of relying on our connection to our source, with infinite intelligence.  Our minds developed an ego that says “I’m all you got”, but the ego doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.

In the case of our car metaphor, don’t you think the guy that designed the car would be the best one to contact if the car isn’t operating properly?  He would at least know how to put you in touch with what to do or who to see to solve the problem.

Why is it that we don’t contact our creator and ask “hey, our group is screwed up, we forgot we are all equal parts of the one whole, humanity.  What can I do today, how can I co-operate with the other members of humanity?”  When we complain we become aware of the problem, (we need to stop all action, get quiet, ask, receive, and taking action on what we receive), when we co-operate the solution presents itself. 

No matter how smart we think we are, the problem is in the mind, and you can’t fix the mind using the mind.  Whatever path you choose, look for similarities, what makes us alike, not the differences.  The differences are only there so we can see what needs to change in us.  We have to start with a new perception for any real change occur.

So… pick a path… your path… but ask your soul what the words mean for you… don’t question the answer you get… your soul knows what is right for you in each moment… don’t be afraid… you are not alone… and allow others their path… rejoice, together in the similarities and make the connection!

Change (my, your, our) Perception – Change (my, your, our) World!

Exclusion (the act of excluding something or somebody)

The world that we created is a world of exclusion. Black/ white, Christian/ Jew, short/ tall, old/ young, rich/poor, smart/dumb, on and on it goes, a world of duality. It doesn’t work. What about everything in the middle? Sure we try to call that balance, but in the world of, seeming, reality that word, doesn’t fit, you either have or you have not, as we often hear. This is the world we see with our physical eyes. The world we see with our eyes is a false world, based on incomplete information, a world where we base our beliefs on how things appear to our eyes alone.

Collusion (secret cooperation between people in order to do something, not permitted, against the law)

What if we didn’t use our eyes to make the world? Close your eyes for a second and ask yourself if any of those terms would mean anything to you. They have no meaning without eyes to judge. If you couldn’t see with your eyes, what would be important to you? Money, color, size, shape, none of it, would matter, would it? What would matter? Being connected, knowing that you are connected to other people would matter. Kindness would matter, treating people as we want to be treated. Feelings would take on a whole new meaning. Instead of spending all that time in our heads, thinking about what everything means, we’d have to rely on our feelings much more. Touch and physical contact would be normal in a world that didn’t use the physical eyes to “see what’s missing”. Because we couldn’t see the differences, words would mean much more. We would become more aware of a thousand other senses we never knew we had, because we were too busy “judging” and putting everything in its proper box.

Inclusion (somebody or something included in a group or mixture)

Imagine your thoughts about yourself in a blind world. If no one could see with their eyes there’d be no judgment, nothing to set the standard of “okayedness”. We’d all just be an equal part of the one group called humanity. Getting along with and connecting with others would be our primary purpose. With everyone blind, there would be no one to judge us so self-esteem would be the order of the day. We would be free to be, just the way we are! Hence, the expression “Love is Blind” really is true!

These are just my thoughts on going from the world we are in, a world of exclusion, to a world of collusion, to a world of inclusion. It seems to me that a conversation around these ideas might be of more benefit than, who won the game last night or, what some celebrity was wearing. What do you think?

We need each other so we can enlarge our perspective.

Get Yourself Connected (the solution)

We shake hands all the time.  What does the hand represent?  It is a group of five fingers making up a whole, hand.  We take it for granted and never realize how important it is, till we don’t have it anymore.  Groups are what our world is made of.  The dictionary defines a group as; many components gathered together for a purpose. 

Using our hand as an example, what if we cut off a finger, is it still a group?  Yes, but it’s not the same group is it?  We can learn to adapt to the new group but we’ll always know something is missing, it isn’t complete.  It isn’t what it was intended to be.  Intended, by who?  By whoever created it!  Intuitively, we will always know something is missing.  The other fingers will have to over-develop to accomplish things they were never intended to do.  We often try to go outside the group, called our hand, to try to fill the hole. 

We even go so far in over-developing the other fingers and using things outside the group that we convince ourselves, we never really needed that finger at all.  But we can see the missing finger so we are always reminded of what’s missing.

Each of us, individually, is a group.  We have three basic components; body, mind, spirit (that part that goes by many names, soul, energy, life force, etc).  Whatever you call that third part, it is the part that makes us alive.  It’s actually more, who we are, than the other two.  We develop our bodies, we work out, exercise, procreate, etc.  and we are always thinking, developing our minds, but what about the spiritual part?  You can’t physically see it, so it isn’t as easily recognized.

Take a larger group, the human group; many components that make up a whole for the purpose of being human.  Humans are the only group that has the ability to choose to believe they are separate from their group.  It’s not the truth but they can think it is, and so, forget who they are. 

The problem is the solution.  We have failed to develop, talk about, or even acknowledge our spiritual life.  I’m not talking about religion.  I’m talking about who we really are, as three parts making up a whole.  We have lost our connection to who we are.  Intuitively we know this and so we try to use our intellect and our bodies to make up for it.  When that fails, we reach outside for more of everything, and it hasn’t worked.  More always seems like an answer but it’s an illusion.  A group can never be made complete from the outside. 

We try to forget that we are all human beings, equal parts of the whole and the result is the world we presently live in.  The answer is always inside the group.  All great teachers have taught us to be still and know.  The answer is there all ready for us, one piece at a time.  It doesn’t come from thinking, economics, or politics, it comes from re-member-ing, becoming a member once again of the body of God ( CwG) as a human being, and acting accordingly.

 Connecting to any group helps us connect to all groups.  It is our connection that brings us out of our self constructed prison of isolation we create by the mistaken belief in separation.  Talking with each other about our group connection re-minds us of who we really are…  equal parts of the Whole.