God uses everything to talk to me… and once in awhile I hear.

I was watching a reality show last night.  It was a dysfunctional business, like a lot of businesses.  Some employees were stealing, some hated being there at all, and others couldn’t make the tough decisions and people walked all over them.  At first I was angry.  How could they steal from their employer?  Why is this guy on a job he obviously hates?  Why is she such a wimp?  Why don’t they take any responsibility?

As the show went on, I began to look at my own life; I stole from employers, maybe not money, but I loafed a lot and didn’t give them my best, I bad mouthed places that I worked at to other employees and pretty much anyone that would listen (in very subtle ways of course), I was a boss and kept employees on that I know needed to go.  So I am every one of these people… we are the same.

The show’s mc made each person see that there was a higher purpose than their own selfish desires or feelings, it was about making it work…for everyone.  Each needed to step up and take responsibility for their actions… or get out.  It wasn’t about complying, it was about commitment and, dare I say ‘caring”.

I went to sleep last night and woke up in this morning, thinking;  why am I not living the life I want, why am I giving lousy excuses for not living my dream, why am I talking trash about other people, why am I allowing people to take up space in my life when I know they shouldn’t be there?

So here’s what I saw in the show and, one more time, in my own life.  First there is awareness, that I’m the problem.  Second I have to pause, and feel that, own it.  Third, I have to ask, ‘What is the right thing here?’ no bull.  Fourth, be honest with the answer I receive.  Fifth, I have to trust, by taking the action necessary toward what I received, no excuses.

These are universal principles that are always true, God keeps showing me them over and over again, in different ways, because I keep falling into the error of my old thinking.  It is only from our experience of what doesn’t work that most of become willing to look at what does.  (We learn best from our mistakes) In some areas we are in perfect alignment with these principles and other areas… we have a lot to learn.  It’s progress not perfection.

The overriding principle that allows for growth is; it’s not about us individually.  When we come from the group as a whole, whatever group that is, business, family, team, church, or whatever, it allows us to get out of our self-centeredness enough to receive inspiration from whatever is there when our egos are out of the picture.

It is living from our connection to the group that we gro-up!

Asking: The Third Requirement (principle)

Once we’ve recognized that we don’t know (first requirement)…  paused and stopped thinking (second requirement)… we can lay out our concerns and ask something… other than our minds, a question.  We live in a world of seeming duality, right/wrong, up/down, left/right.  But we are three-part beings body, mind and soul.  We have within us our connection to our source, our soul.  Our source always was, always will be, and is present with us right now. When we ask our source (which contains all information that ever was or will be)… we open our minds to receive inspiration.  This is not thinking.  This is allowing what is there already to present itself so we can re-cognize, and express it.  Our problem comes from our thinking that we know what that should look like.  However, what we receive rarely looks like we think it should… because it didn’t come from our mind.  It is only when we bring our body and mind into alignment with our soul that we function as we were intended by our creator.

Something to remember:  the ego thinks it’s who we are and it’s fighting for its life.  It is only a fictitious character that we have come to believe in.  It uses our mind to convince us of its seeming reality, and it is flawless in its logic.  The ego is the “thin–king” we created.  It only knows the past.  The data of our life experience thus far.  It has conned us into thinking it’s who we are, and it doesn’t want to acknowledge any other authority.  This is why the second requirement, pausing, seems so difficult.  If we ask, without pausing and letting go of all thought, the ego answers, as it always does and logically re-creates the past.  That is why the order form of these principles is crucial.

Asking, once we’re still, allows us to recognize the truth that is there beneath our thoughts.  Principles never fail, we can only fail to apply them.

Start At the Beginning

I was re-minded today as I did some yoga stretches, the importance, or rather necessity, to start at the beginning each and every time in everything I do.  I don’t claim to be a regular student of yoga or anything but the thought came to me to just relax in the child’s pose until my joints and body let go before I could move on to anything else.

That thought went to  a scripture that came to me about “unless you become as little children you shall never enter the kingdom of heaven”.  Which lead to the first step in the twelve steps ‘admitted I was powerless and my life was unmanageable’ .  Then I re-membered Christ’s comment ‘of myself I am nothing, my father doeth the works through me’.

All of these references to surrender…  these are not comments or thoughts, they are living applications of a spiritual principle… a truth that never fails.  Surrender is the first basic principle in anything.  My thoughts are not who I am… my thin-king is what separates me from who I am… until I surrender what I’m thinking, I won’t be open to receive the in-spirit-action of that presence of which I am.

In yoga, letting go of my resistance enables me to feel good because as the body stretches it expands and I open up to a larger experience of it.  Anytime I surrender…  ‘what I think I know’…  I am enabled (inwardly-abled) to receive even more from the source of who I am.  I build awareness of this presence as I practice applying surrender or letting go in my daily activities.  Most certainly I will be caught up in my thinking, but the more I practice this principle the more awareness I have.  The more awareness I have, the more I live from inspiration, the more my world expands… it’s so simple…

for such a complicated guy like me.


Self-evident Truths

We hold these truths to be Self-Evident… that all men are created equal…but why don’t we live that way?  The self we’ve been using is the smaller self.  It’s the person we think we are, with all the vast intelligence and self-centered, ego fed crap that we say we “believe”.  The illusive character behind the scenes that causes all our problems.  The mind powered computer that disconnects us from the truth of who we are, with all of it’s logic, schemes, and plans.  And yet, with all that.. we all, still know… at least on some level…no one should go hungry… we shouldn’t hurt each other.  Basic truths, we all know, but not from our mind, the source of the smaller self… but from our Soul… the higher Self.

It doesn’t take a genius to see we are all disconnected from our souls.  We’ve gone so far over board in developing our intellect, we’ve totally forgotten, who we really are.   Self-Evident truths never change… but we can refuse to re-cognize them… which we have all done… otherwise we’d be living them.  To go up against the norm is tough… it’s easier, we think, at least for the time being, to just go along with the game… make sure I get my share (although it’s always a little short of what I think I want)… and not think about how unbalanced it is.  But it’s getting late for all of us.   We are killing our chances of surviving as a species.  Oh, I know, it sounds so dramatic!  But the truth is so simple… we just won’t apply it!

It’s gonna take all of us, but it starts with just a few… how do we get connected?  We have been living apart for so many generations…. how do we go from living apart to being a part?  Equal parts of the One whole.

My friend Noel and I were inspired to create a workshop series on just how to re-member(become a member once again) of who we really are.  We call it: taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together.  Living from Self-Evident truths is a lot easier than “thinking about it”.  When we be who we are, what we do is in harmony… when we think we’re what we’re not, we only do harm.

We have a unique and fun way of re-presenting truths in which participants actual experience them…  it’s not just information…  it’s application.  And that makes all the difference!

If you’d like to try a workshop send us your email and we’ll put you on our mailing list for workshops in your area.  And if you’re in the southern California area and would like to do a workshop for your organization, event, or group, please, email me your information and I’d be happy to talk to you about what we do.  paul@possidude.com

It’s Time to … get yourself connected!

How are you Doing?

A familiar question no doubt, but is it the right question?  When did what I’m doing become more important than what I’m being?  After all, I am a human being, not a human doing.  I often don’t remember to ask myself ‘how am I being?’.  Do you ever ask yourself that question?   We get all caught up in what we’re doing, or not doing, and we forget all about being.  We joke about stopping and smelling the coffee, but how often do we actually do it?

Whenever I take the time to just be…  I become aware.  I smell, touch, taste, hear, and see everything with a new vision.  I experience my be-ing.  When I let myself be who I am in any given moment, I be-come a part of life experiencing itself as me.  In other words…  I am who I was created to be… no doing is required.

When nothing is required I am free to experience my being in its fullness.  In those moments I often experience what has been written: “ I am come that you may experience life more abundantly”.  That, I am presence is who, underneath all our doing, we truly are.  This presence is not to be con-fused with our thin-king of who we are.  We are not the egoic image of a separated self, detached from its source, begging mercy from a judgmental creator that stands above, beyond, and separate from his creation.   For behold, “I am in all things”.

When I pause…  stop doing… stop thinking… simple ask “who am I”… and become still… “be still and know I am God”.  Not all of God, but part of… not apart from.  I am re-minded…  “it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. “  In that secret place… my soul… which is the king(s)dom(icle).    All I need do is just be(and then)hold:  “for be-hold the kingdom of heaven is within”.

My definition of being is simply the action of accepting what is. Only when my doing is in alignment with my being do I truly re-present who… “ I am”.

Contamination – Hazardous Thinking

I took a HazMat training course for a company I once worked for.  One of the things I remembered is the statement that;  “dilution is not an acceptable form of disposal”.  The premise being that contamination still exists, although only in a minuscule amount and it has the potential to grow and multiply rapidly.  Without treatment the hazard is still there.

I’ve heard it said that if you keep pouring clean water in a container of dirty water, eventually it will become clear and clean.  However, according to science, it’s still contaminated.  Another way to put it is “if you start out from contamination and don’t treat it properly, it still exists, even though you might not be able to see it”.  Having a choice, it’s a no brain er to drink from a pure source rather than one that’s contaminated.

What we’re really talking about here is the principle of contamination.  Once something has become contaminated it needs to be treated or it can’t be used without further contamination.

What about our minds?  Haven’t we contaminated our minds with some of the thoughts we have?  We have so many mistaken ideas and wrong beliefs in our mind.  Is it any wonder the world is in the shape it’s in?  So what do we do… we try to have good thoughts…  we pour good thoughts into our mind… positive thoughts…  our thinking becomes clearer…   we feel better…  things seem to be clearing up…  but… according to the rule of dilution, our minds are still contaminated. Often it only takes one bad event…  one wrong thought…  and we start that troubled thinking again.  The virus, bacteria, or contaminates grows.  It multiplies rapidly until we’re back to toxic contamination, and negative thinking again.  So, you ask, how can we treat this mind to get rid of the contamination?  The answer is we can’t.

We have to start with a new container, an open mind.  A mind not occupied by our thoughts.  The good news is; there is, within each of us, a clear stream or pool of uncontaminated consciousness that we can go to for clean, clear inspiration.  It can’t be contaminated by the world; it is the essence of all that we are.  All that’s required is a letting go of the contaminated container, a simple request, and an openness to receive what comes.  A new container (like when you partition off a section of your hard drive because your computer has become corrupted) filled from a pure source and a living from that new container.  The corrupt container is still there, you just no longer use it.  We have a tendency to go back to the contaminated container because it’s so familiar to us.  It’s all we’ve ever known.  We can tell however, when we use the wrong container…   it just doesn’t feel right.  Every time that happens…  I mean every time….. just stop…. become quiet and ask.  That’s all it takes……

As we build an awareness that we’re using the wrong container we become more willing to surrender the corrupt thinking and begin again, new, from purity.  It has been described as being born again…  the living waters…  the water of life… Zen mind…  Christ consciousness…  and countless other names.  It is the surrender of the contaminated, corrupt, world view and the recognition of, and surrender to, the pure, divine consciousness that has always been there underneath our corrupt thinking.

Taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together is a method that, when applied, treats contamination of thoughts.  Awareness of mistaken thin king; Pause and become still; Ask for peace, inspiration; Receive something (the most commonly used name for God); Trust, take action on what you received.

Thank you for taking time to read this.  Your soul knows the truth!  Go with the soul.

Living from Truths

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.  Yeah, of course I need to accept situations and everything in life, just the way it is, but why do I only apply that truth in order to come to grips with tragedy, cancer, death, sickness, unemployment, loss, people I don’t like, etc.?

I never thought, why don’t I accept the truth of who I am?  Naturally, that makes me ask the question, who am I?  We’re never taught to ask that question, but, now I’m getting down it, the core question, the one that determines my living experience.  I don’t know why I never thought about who I am, I just accepted what I was told, and what I tell myself, about who I am.  So my seeming reality is a story I made up about who I think I am and I keep re-creating it, over and over, again.

I need a new beginning.  One that starts from fundamental truths that never fail, ones that are always, in all ways, true.  I’ve been believing the lie for so long, I failed to recognize true life principles.  My mind looks for the exception always, so I can’t use it to find these truths.  I know that sounds crazy but hang in there with me.

Every human being has a heart that beats, if they’re alive, the heart is beating, and we didn’t have to figure out how.  It just beats.  We didn’t start it and we can’t stop it.  (Watch how quick your mind jumps in to say ‘I could kill myself’ or something equally as insane just to prove itself right.)

All of us are breathing.  We didn’t start that either and we can’t stop it.  So there are some truths that are always true, it’s just our little egos (the story of who we think we are) that have a problem with that.  Agree with it or not, the truth is still true.

Rather than trying to figure out who’s right, what if, I see for myself?  What if, it is an abundant universe?  What if, love is all I am?  What if, infinite joy is trying to express itself as me, right now?  What if, everything I ever needed is already within me?  What if, I came here with a special uniqueness that is needed in the world?  What if, each of us, adding our special part, adds to the whole and we all become more of who we are?  What if, that is, the real world, and I’ve just been be-lie-ving a lie?

Could it just be I’ve had the wrong be-lie-ifs?  What if, I just be-live and forget about the ifs?  Be live, each moment, in the gift called the present, liv-ing from truths that never fail.  We already know, in our hearts, what the truth is.  It’s already there, it’s who we are, we just need to start living from it.

Living from my experience of truths is all I can do personally, but, I need you to experience more of who, We are.  It starts with a friendly conversation… get yourself connected… eight billion people aren’t here so they can do it alone….

We are all free to “Ask and you shall Receive”, it’s an inside job!

Monkey Business

The twelve steps not only saved my life but they have given me a method of living that is more than I ever imagined I could have and I’m just scratching the surface! Sometimes it seems so serious, people die and terrible looking things happen to people every day.  But it’s just all a bunch of monkey business!

This is for all my twelve step brothers and sisters:

Step One:  I become aware that the monkeys (my obsessive thoughts or behaviors) are out of my control and I pause.  Step Two: I search and research with an open mind, asking a power greater than my mind; please quiet the monkeys down, and it does.  Step Three:  I make a decision, from my own experiences, to surrender the quieting of the monkeys to that power.  Step Four:  (after the monkeys are quieted down) I put my pen on the paper and the monkeys run down my arm onto the paper.  Step Five:  I then look at the individual monkeys objectively, with a friend.  Step Six:  I ask, the power I found in two and three to remove the monkeys I’m ready, willing, and able to let go of.  Step Seven:  I ask that power to show me what to do instead of monkey-ing around.  Step Eight:  I make a list of anyone damaged by the monkeys.  Step Nine:  I correct, the best I can, the monkey business of the past.  Step Ten:  the monkeys had babies and now they’re growing up, this step treats them as they grow.  Step Eleven:  keeps the downloads (how to live monkey free) coming from the inner-net, via inspiration, on a daily basis.  Step Twelve:  I recognize and accept that the monkeys are everywhere but my new character isn’t in the monkey business… and I help others find a power that can treat their monkeys.

My experience is you’ll either go ape over this information or it will drive you bananas!

Principles and Power

As a human being, the power that runs my life is given me by whatever created me, to use as I wish, that’s why I call it my-self’.  I don’t recognize my-self as a power, I think, that’s just the way it is, and my-self comes in conflict with your-self because we each have different perspectives or viewpoints.  There is a larger Self from which we each come from but, because of our perspectives, we even argue over that.  Our disagreements about the larger Self have no effect on it.   In truth the power of self is only my experience of the larger Self operating through me.  To the extent that I think of my-self as separate from the larger Self do I become unconscious of who, I am.  I then create a false self (often referred to as ego) and lose my connection to the source of all power.  This false self has no power of its own because it isn’t real, I can believe it does, but that doesn’t make it true.

It’s like darkness.  When the light comes into darkness the darkness disappears because it is only the absence of light, the darkness has no power of its own.  Or take the principle of gravity, the amazing things that we accomplish, that appear to overcome gravity, airplanes, space flight, etc., aren’t really overcoming gravity as much as they are cooperating with it to produce the desired result.  The more we know about this truth called gravity, the more we can work with it and it actually serves us.

We can’t create power, it is always there, but we can become aware of it, recognize how it operates, align ourselves with it so that it works for us.  The more we learn about a principle or truth the more we can accomplish our goals and objectives.  All our progress has come from searching and researching these truths.

What about spiritual principles?  They would operate the same way, principles being true everywhere and all the time.  If we become aware of these truths, recognize how they operate from our own experience, and align ourselves with them, we become more of who we were always meant to be, a unique expression of our true Self.  The ego doesn’t like this because it thinks it is who I am.  It thinks it a power, the only power, and it will use anything to stop me from questioning its power, fear being the number one weapon it uses.  The ego isn’t a bad guy, it’s just trying to survive, but I’m not my ego.

If I temporarily forget to live by these principles I lose my awareness of them, I forget who I am, and I wander into the darkness. The ego’s domain.  Does that mean the darkness is real?  It feels like it is.  But the truth is, it’s just the absence of the light.  The minute I stop arguing, I begin to see and feel.  Despite all the seeming evidence to the contrary, I know the light is there in me.  Now I can, begin again, to live from these principles by aligning myself with them… and the light gets brighter!  I have to stop going any further into the darkness, look for the light, and begin to move in that direction.

The more I dis-cover these truths, in my own experience, live them, and share them with others, the more I re-connect to my fellows and my creator.

It’s Just a Troubled Mind!

I’ve had every piece of exercise equipment you can think of.  I’ve joined several different gyms over the years and never been consistent, for any length of time, in any form of exercise.  Recently, I just started walking around my neighborhood.  Sometimes I attend an early morning meeting in the next town but there’s a meeting just down the street about a mile and a half, so I decided to walk to that meeting.  It felt great!

As I started down the road I looked at all the gorgeous trees and plants lining the street.  It was recently redone with new shrubs and trees.  All went well and I felt connected and grateful for my body, the weather and all my blessings.  I was amazed at how I could drive down the same street and miss so much!

Then I noticed…  the trash along the sidewalk.  I thought… I should pick it up… and the argument started.  I can’t pick up all this trash, it’s not my job, I didn’t put it here….  No but you’re God’s eyes on the scene.  You can do it.  It felt like some heavy weight just landed on my chest… it was too overwhelming… I can’t do it, it’s just too much.  God, I said, there must be another way to see this.  What would you have me do?  A voice in my head asked, Paul… can you pick up one piece of trash?  Yes, God.  And I did, it felt great.  I carried it all the way to my meeting and threw it out.  Awesome…

The meetings over, great meeting, feel good, now it’s time to walk home, what’s the first thing I saw?  You got it, the trash.  Here comes that heavy feeling again, being overwhelmed… and the argument starts again (and I just left a meeting).  You can’t clean up the whole city of Pomona yourself…, it’ll just be back tomorrow… what will people think… you’ve got more important things to do…

Okay God, is it possible to enjoy my walk home and pick up the trash too?  Can you help me?  There must be another way to see this?  I don’t even have a bag… ten steps later I find a bag… okay God… but only the stuff right along the sidewalk…

So I’m walking fast, stopping every now and then to pick up a paper or two, my heart rate is picking up, I feel good…  and then I notice, ‘hey, I’m bending over touching my toes picking up the trash, my cardio is up because I’m walking fast… my back stopped hurting… and I’m helping out the environment!’.  You mean to tell me God, that you have been answering my prayers all along and only when I don’t question what you’re telling me, but do the next indicated thing, only then, can I recognize it?  I’ve been trying to exercise for years.  My mind told me I needed that gym or that piece of equipment…

Then I thought about all those people, just like me, joining all those gyms, buying all that equipment, trying to get in shape, are you telling me God, that you are inspiring us all with how to be what we always wanted to be, giving us at all times just what we need, and we are too busy arguing to recognize it?  Maybe they were inspired to buy the equipment or join the gym, I don’t know, but it sure made me think.

If it’s that way with some trash on the sidewalk, it’s even more so in the rest of my life.  I just forget to ask, but if I do, I receive, and then it’s only by action that I can cut away the self-will which has always blocked the entry of a higher power, into my life.  Can you help me with my arrogance God?  I am reminded of what it says on page 71 in the 12 x 12; ‘in all these strivings, so many of them well-intentioned, our crippling handicap had been our lack of humility’.

I think, because I worked the steps yesterday, it’s a done deal; but time doesn’t treat the dis-ease, only a living application of spiritual principles in today’s day treats the dis-ease.  And only…  “One day at a time”.