Asking: The Third Requirement (principle)

Once we’ve recognized that we don’t know (first requirement)…  paused and stopped thinking (second requirement)… we can lay out our concerns and ask something… other than our minds, a question.  We live in a world of seeming duality, right/wrong, up/down, left/right.  But we are three-part beings body, mind and soul.  We have within us our connection to our source, our soul.  Our source always was, always will be, and is present with us right now. When we ask our source (which contains all information that ever was or will be)… we open our minds to receive inspiration.  This is not thinking.  This is allowing what is there already to present itself so we can re-cognize, and express it.  Our problem comes from our thinking that we know what that should look like.  However, what we receive rarely looks like we think it should… because it didn’t come from our mind.  It is only when we bring our body and mind into alignment with our soul that we function as we were intended by our creator.

Something to remember:  the ego thinks it’s who we are and it’s fighting for its life.  It is only a fictitious character that we have come to believe in.  It uses our mind to convince us of its seeming reality, and it is flawless in its logic.  The ego is the “thin–king” we created.  It only knows the past.  The data of our life experience thus far.  It has conned us into thinking it’s who we are, and it doesn’t want to acknowledge any other authority.  This is why the second requirement, pausing, seems so difficult.  If we ask, without pausing and letting go of all thought, the ego answers, as it always does and logically re-creates the past.  That is why the order form of these principles is crucial.

Asking, once we’re still, allows us to recognize the truth that is there beneath our thoughts.  Principles never fail, we can only fail to apply them.

Why do we think…

Why do we think we have to have all the answers in our little pea brains?  I got an email that suggested we look at life in terms of what we know about our universe, Just the stuff we think we know… like how long it has been around, about 14 billion years.  Then look at all that time as if it were just one year.  Man didn’t even show up until the last couple million… somewhere around Dec 15th… and right now is like 11:45pm on Dec 31st.  Kind of silly, with all the information that has taken place in all that time and we only have a few years here… that we would pretend to know anything at all… don’t you think?

But, as we say; ‘man is the highest form of life on the planet’!  How arrogant we all are…. you think it’s possible we missed something here?  Look at the job we’re doing as conservators, we still kill each other… heck we can’t even get along in our own families or with our own neighbors… yet we keep moving along… destroying the planet and all life on it… waiting for someday…

Yet, while we’re waiting, don’t you think we could have a little conversation about… say who we are, really?  Not what the books tell us… but what we already know inside,…if we but take the time… and dare to listen.  What if we just asked seven simple questions and we shared with our friends, family, or anyone really, the answers we got.  No fear… it’s just a conversation… maybe even at Starbucks… just once a week… heck you’re there anyway.  We know it’s not working the way we’re doing it, so why not re-thynk-it (think again a little differently).

I’d like to start one in the San Dimas / La Verne, Ca. area.  Anybody interested just reply to this post with best time and day that works for you. Remember, we’re not trying to do anything, we are just talking about being who we are.

Why don’t you start your own conversation, where you live?   All the info you need is at:

When are you going to enjoy your life?

In the documentary film, ‘I am’ by director Tom Shadyac, he asks the question, “what is wrong with the world and how do we fix it?”  That is without doubt the most important question we can ask, but where and how do we start?

I have another question, “When am I going to be happy?”, actually that’s not the question, because I’m happy when I get what I think I want, but it never lasts.  The real question is “when am I going to be joyful”, full of joy?  And the answer is… when I re-cognize that ‘who’ “I am”, is already joyous!  Joy is not outside of me.  Love is not outside of me.  Passion is not outside of me.  Nothing that is real is outside of me.  My only problem is that I have failed to recognize these things, but that does not mean they are not there.  Well if that’s true then why don’t I feel it, you ask?

First we have to recognize the way we’re doing it doesn’t work.  It’s easy to see, the world as we made it, isn’t working.  We’re going to have to do things a little differently.  We’re going to need a method that works.

Where’d it all come from?

Look around at everything you see.  How did it all come about?  If you look, you’ll find that everything started with an idea.  The idea got developed in the mind of whatever created it.  And finally became something physical by some action in the material world.  Everything that ever came into existence came as a result of that formula, including us.  So there is an order form to creation.  If there is an order form to creation then there must be an order form for our lives as well… and it’s the same  form (creation in-form-a-tion).

What’s wrong with the world?

What’s wrong with the world?  We never developed our relationship to common sense.  What is our common sense you ask?  Our common sense is the “idea” instilled (inwardly stilled) in us, of who we are, our connection to our source.  We “thought” we could disconnect ourselves from that which created us and we made ourselves into mini-gods, each trying to run the world, according to our various beliefs.  Yet none of our imaginings has any effect on that which created us.

How do we learn?

As children, we learned that our resistance to gravity had no effect on it, but by co-operating with it, it allowed us to accomplish many things.  So too, we can learn that by co-operating with our creator’s idea of who we are, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  (“experience is the best teacher”)

How do we change?

This is transformational living, living from a new perspective, and the old beliefs don’t die easy, so we need a system that we can utilize to get us back on track when we wander off in our imaginings.  We will need to …. take it A.P.A.R.T…. so it can come together.

A.P.A.R.T. is a method that can be used to co-operate with the system (order form) that is already present.  APART is an acronym for Awareness, Pause, Ask or acknowledge, Receive or remember, and Trust or take action.  This method can be used by anyone and will work every time, even if you don’t recognize or believe it.  Why, because these are universal truths, principles, that never fail, in the proper order.  But don’t take my word for it… try them out… try them repeatedly…. They cannot fail to connect you if you apply them in your life.  (I don’t have to believe in gravity to co-operate with it… but, it gets painful when I don’t… and my world expands when I do)

We facilitate workshops and presentations for groups or individuals to help you experience these truths.  Using metaphor, creativity, and group participation we can experience these truths in a group setting!  We were created as a group and so we gro-up together!

For more information or to schedule an event contact:

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Self-evident Truths

We hold these truths to be Self-Evident… that all men are created equal…but why don’t we live that way?  The self we’ve been using is the smaller self.  It’s the person we think we are, with all the vast intelligence and self-centered, ego fed crap that we say we “believe”.  The illusive character behind the scenes that causes all our problems.  The mind powered computer that disconnects us from the truth of who we are, with all of it’s logic, schemes, and plans.  And yet, with all that.. we all, still know… at least on some level…no one should go hungry… we shouldn’t hurt each other.  Basic truths, we all know, but not from our mind, the source of the smaller self… but from our Soul… the higher Self.

It doesn’t take a genius to see we are all disconnected from our souls.  We’ve gone so far over board in developing our intellect, we’ve totally forgotten, who we really are.   Self-Evident truths never change… but we can refuse to re-cognize them… which we have all done… otherwise we’d be living them.  To go up against the norm is tough… it’s easier, we think, at least for the time being, to just go along with the game… make sure I get my share (although it’s always a little short of what I think I want)… and not think about how unbalanced it is.  But it’s getting late for all of us.   We are killing our chances of surviving as a species.  Oh, I know, it sounds so dramatic!  But the truth is so simple… we just won’t apply it!

It’s gonna take all of us, but it starts with just a few… how do we get connected?  We have been living apart for so many generations…. how do we go from living apart to being a part?  Equal parts of the One whole.

My friend Noel and I were inspired to create a workshop series on just how to re-member(become a member once again) of who we really are.  We call it: taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together.  Living from Self-Evident truths is a lot easier than “thinking about it”.  When we be who we are, what we do is in harmony… when we think we’re what we’re not, we only do harm.

We have a unique and fun way of re-presenting truths in which participants actual experience them…  it’s not just information…  it’s application.  And that makes all the difference!

If you’d like to try a workshop send us your email and we’ll put you on our mailing list for workshops in your area.  And if you’re in the southern California area and would like to do a workshop for your organization, event, or group, please, email me your information and I’d be happy to talk to you about what we do.

It’s Time to … get yourself connected!

Emerging Consciousness

There is an emerging consciousness in each of us that is expressing itself, in spite of our resistance to it.

Everyone intuitively knows this but only some have come to align themselves with it.  Through inspiration, from our source, many methods have been discovered, or revealed that make it possible for this consciousness to express itself as us, in the physical world.

This consciousness guides us to a method and to people who practice a similar method.  Together they become a network, an invisible net, like a butterfly net.  This net is made of the truths that are received through inspiration.  Each person adds their experience of these truths to the net and so it becomes very strong.

As we go through this life we come across these nets, and have the choice to pass right through, or grab hold and attach to it, eventually becoming a part of it.  There are many nets and only by individual choice do we become a part of them.

Once we attach ourselves to a net, we become familiar with all of its truths.  Some love their network so much they think everyone should be part of it and so they add things to it.  However, this only makes it slippery and harder to get hold of, or it hurts people when they pass through.

Those that have the best real knowing of their net, begin to see their truths in some of the other networks.  More and more people are beginning to re-cognize the similarities and not the differences.  Over time, the realization came; they had to stop arguing of over who’s net was better and lighten up.  Those that were enlightened (inwardly lightened) reached out and connected with the other nets to make a larger, more inclusive network.

So… “get yourself connected” to a path, your path, your net, but make sure it’s not contaminated.  If it’s got crap on it, it might cause you to lose your grip.  If it doesn’t love everybody, it’s got crap on it.  If it separates you, it’s got crap on it.  If it makes somebody right and somebody wrong, it’s got crap on it.  There’s a lot of good solid nets out there, sometimes you just have to get underneath all the crap to make that connection.

I read this post to my friend and his comment to me was:   “Paul, I’m sure a lot of people will get a lot out of what you’re talking about…  I’m just not one of them!”   And my comment to him and to you is;

Take what you can use and leave the rest!

Two Questions

Some characteristics of what makes something exclusive are:  differences, separation, closed, denying, better/less, exceptional, restrictive, excluded, conditional, deserving, and judgmental.

Exclusivity produces:  pride, greed, envy, jealousy, sloth, gluttony, lust.              

Some characteristics of what makes something inclusive are:  similarities, together, open, accepting, equal, ordinary, un-restrictive, included, unconditional, serving, and non-judgmental.

Inclusivity produces:  equality, acceptance, courtesy, kindness, re-cognition, compassion, and empathy.

The more I operate on exclusivity, the more I sep-a-rate myself from you and I become what exclusivity produces.  The more I operate from inclusivity the more I re-cognize our oneness and I become what inclusivity produces.

Is there something we don’t fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?  Asking that, or any one of ‘the seven questions’ will bring up our core beliefs, some of which are hereditary, they are in our genes, in our culture, but we need to ask them so we can be who we came here to be.   We need a new culture, a new starting point to look at how we live, who we want to be, and what kind of world do we really want to live in.

Here are two questions you can ask right now that don’t require any thinking…  nobody has to tell you the answer… you already know …  maybe not in your mind, but in the very core of who you are…

Is God exclusive or inclusive… and …shouldn’t we be the same?

For more on the seven questions:

Another Way

As far back as I can remember, I had a feeling, no, a knowing, that we were supposed to do this thing together.  I couldn’t put the words together to describe it, it wasn’t really a thought, I just knew it and I couldn’t understand why you didn’t know it too.  Actually, I knew you knew, I just couldn’t get why we were all pretending not to know.  People would tell me, with, what I interpreted to be a look of disgust on their face, ‘you have to do it on your own’.  Once you do it, if I like what you’re doing, I’ll come on board.  In other words, prove to me you’ll get me what my mind tells me I need and then I’ll like you and follow you.

The problem with that thinking is; it’s the core of separation thinking.  It says we are not one; equal parts of the whole.  It says “I’ll be the judge of whether or not, you’re worthy of me connecting myself to who ‘I think’ you are”.  That is how I base my experience of life on separation instead of Oneness.  Some books call this the fall of man.  It was only a thought!  One thought leads to another and here we are.  Thank you Neale and CwG for raising the question, (paraphrasing) “If the initial thought was wrong, does that mean we have to continue?”

To begin from the new gospel  “ We are all One.  Ours is not a better way, ours is just another way.”, makes us all just individual manifestations, equal parts of the whole.  (I have to tell you that all these centuries of programming of guilt and fear, there is still a little shutter when I mention the word gospel and I don’t tie it into traditional religion) Then, in order to be complete, as we were intended to be, we need every one of us, and every one of us has a unique and equally important part.

Even knowing this, my first thought is, write this out and others will follow.  It’s so ingrained in me.  If I have an idea and you follow me, it’s the same thing we’re doing now, just a different leader.  We have to create this new culture together, at the same time, your piece and mine.  I can’t figure it out!  That’s old culture thinking.  I need to rely on my connection to my source, my soul, my higher power, my creator, my essence, my God, and you, for inspiration.  I can even do it as an experiment.  If we are all One, then what inspires you, must inspire me, in my own unique way.

What I have found to be true for me is something I call ‘taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together’.  I have been drawn to talk about the order form in getting re-connected, it’s a work in progress:  It’s not a better way, it’s just another way…

A is awareness, it doesn’t come from the mind. Awareness of what?  it isn’t working, whatever I’m doing isn’t working, I feel it, I may not know what’s missing, but I don’t ‘feel’ right.  Mostly, it appears as some form of pain, but it’s not necessary.

P is pause.  Whatever I’m doing or thinking, I have to stop, completely, at least 30 seconds, go to the bathroom, shut the car off, just stop.  Listen to the sounds around me, really listen… or breathe deeply.

A is ask.  No belief is necessary, I just ask, is there another way to see this, what would love do now, how can I be of service here, or any other life affirming question, maybe even, the seven questions.  I find It helps if I ask for an open mind first.

R is receive.  I can’t ‘think’ about the answer.  If I find myself thinking, I just let go and go back to feeling, the chair I’m in, my breath entering my lungs, the feeling of light filling my body.  I just be as open as I can to receive what is already there.

T is take action, or try it out.  I only get to know this process works if I take action on what I receive.  What I receive usually doesn’t look like I ‘think’ it should.  Sometimes it seems ridiculous; get a cup of coffee, call so and so, go for a dip in the pool.  Often, my mind balks at what I receive.  When I take action anyway, repeatedly, I always get just what I need, provided I’ve done the first four parts of this process.  Often, I’m in awe, that it works every time, without fail.

My experience has shown me why this order form is necessary, at least for me, because, looking at it backwards;  there’s nothing new to take action on if I’m not open to receive it, I can’t receive anything new if I don’t ask, I won’t  ask if I don’t pause and realize I need to, and I won’t pause without the awareness (I’m in pain).

This is one way.  If we share with each other the ways through which we make the connection, we can’t help but become more of who and what we really are, One.

For more insights, or to share your experience with others, please join in:

I’ve been thinking about our fortune, And I’ve decided that we’re really not to blame.   For the love that’s deep inside us now, Is still the same. And the sound we make together, Is the music to the story in your eyes.   It’s been shining down upon me now, I realize.

(From The Moody Blues “The Story in Your Eyes”)

Inspiration, 4th of July

The word Inspiration came to mind.  Inspiration… inspire-ation…. in-spira-tion… in-spire-a- nation…  our nation… one nation… one nation under God….inspired… all men are created equal… we hold these truths to be self-evident.  Inspired, not mind made, not created by man’s intellect, but inspired by something greater.  We couldn’t live under another nation’s man made rules, we had to be free.  So we dumped the tea in the bay, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we couldn’t live that way anymore.  It was time.  We didn’t have to think about it, the truth was so plainly evident.  We just needed to make a beginning and rely on inspiration, and we did, not so very long ago.  And we created the greatest nation the world has ever known, created by applying self-evident truths.

Maybe it’s our time.  Maybe it’s your time.  Are you living under a tyrant?  A mind that tells you what everything means and very rarely has anything good to say?  A dictator that tells you what you need to worry about, how you’re failing, or what can go wrong, a tyrant that, no matter how much you pay, or how hard you try, it’s always just a little short?   It’s time to let go of the old nation, the nation governed by the mind.

Maybe it’s time to build a new, internal, nation.  One nation, under God, conceived in liberty, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.  A nation based on self-evident truths.   Sure it’s going to take work and it won’t be easy, but we just can’t live under the old rule anymore.

Maybe it’s time to get back to our common-unity, not what we think about, but what we know to be true, individually, one person at a time.  We can make a beginning by living by these self-evident truths, and quit, a little at a time, being so self-centered.  Reconnect to the One nation under God.  We can’t listen to the old nation (our mind) tell us how to behave anymore, it’s never satisfied.  There’s no such thing as enough in that nation.

In the new nation there are no pat answers but the truth is known by all.  We know no one should go hungry, or be in need of healthcare, all should have a safe place to be, sheltered from the elements.  All are deserving of love, kindness, and compassion.  Just because we don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live from those truths, individually.

The revolution is at hand. Ask each day, consciously; what can I do to live from what I already know is right?  If we don’t ask, we can’t receive.  If each of us asks, the one nation under God, for one thing we can do to live towards these truths each day; we can live in that new nation.  The old nation constantly tells us how it’s too hard… it will never work… who do you think you are… ad infinitum.  There’s no amount of work we can do to save the old nation, we need a new one.  It begins right now, with me and you.  Hug someone you don’t know today.  Make an extra sandwich and eat lunch with someone new.  Ask a stranger who they are and listen to them, or just make a list of the things you can do, and then start doing them!

There’s a PossiDude (positive attitude dude) in each of us. 

It’s who you really are!