Principles and Power

As a human being, the power that runs my life is given me by whatever created me, to use as I wish, that’s why I call it my-self’.  I don’t recognize my-self as a power, I think, that’s just the way it is, and my-self comes in conflict with your-self because we each have different perspectives or viewpoints.  There is a larger Self from which we each come from but, because of our perspectives, we even argue over that.  Our disagreements about the larger Self have no effect on it.   In truth the power of self is only my experience of the larger Self operating through me.  To the extent that I think of my-self as separate from the larger Self do I become unconscious of who, I am.  I then create a false self (often referred to as ego) and lose my connection to the source of all power.  This false self has no power of its own because it isn’t real, I can believe it does, but that doesn’t make it true.

It’s like darkness.  When the light comes into darkness the darkness disappears because it is only the absence of light, the darkness has no power of its own.  Or take the principle of gravity, the amazing things that we accomplish, that appear to overcome gravity, airplanes, space flight, etc., aren’t really overcoming gravity as much as they are cooperating with it to produce the desired result.  The more we know about this truth called gravity, the more we can work with it and it actually serves us.

We can’t create power, it is always there, but we can become aware of it, recognize how it operates, align ourselves with it so that it works for us.  The more we learn about a principle or truth the more we can accomplish our goals and objectives.  All our progress has come from searching and researching these truths.

What about spiritual principles?  They would operate the same way, principles being true everywhere and all the time.  If we become aware of these truths, recognize how they operate from our own experience, and align ourselves with them, we become more of who we were always meant to be, a unique expression of our true Self.  The ego doesn’t like this because it thinks it is who I am.  It thinks it a power, the only power, and it will use anything to stop me from questioning its power, fear being the number one weapon it uses.  The ego isn’t a bad guy, it’s just trying to survive, but I’m not my ego.

If I temporarily forget to live by these principles I lose my awareness of them, I forget who I am, and I wander into the darkness. The ego’s domain.  Does that mean the darkness is real?  It feels like it is.  But the truth is, it’s just the absence of the light.  The minute I stop arguing, I begin to see and feel.  Despite all the seeming evidence to the contrary, I know the light is there in me.  Now I can, begin again, to live from these principles by aligning myself with them… and the light gets brighter!  I have to stop going any further into the darkness, look for the light, and begin to move in that direction.

The more I dis-cover these truths, in my own experience, live them, and share them with others, the more I re-connect to my fellows and my creator.

Inspiration, 4th of July

The word Inspiration came to mind.  Inspiration… inspire-ation…. in-spira-tion… in-spire-a- nation…  our nation… one nation… one nation under God….inspired… all men are created equal… we hold these truths to be self-evident.  Inspired, not mind made, not created by man’s intellect, but inspired by something greater.  We couldn’t live under another nation’s man made rules, we had to be free.  So we dumped the tea in the bay, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we couldn’t live that way anymore.  It was time.  We didn’t have to think about it, the truth was so plainly evident.  We just needed to make a beginning and rely on inspiration, and we did, not so very long ago.  And we created the greatest nation the world has ever known, created by applying self-evident truths.

Maybe it’s our time.  Maybe it’s your time.  Are you living under a tyrant?  A mind that tells you what everything means and very rarely has anything good to say?  A dictator that tells you what you need to worry about, how you’re failing, or what can go wrong, a tyrant that, no matter how much you pay, or how hard you try, it’s always just a little short?   It’s time to let go of the old nation, the nation governed by the mind.

Maybe it’s time to build a new, internal, nation.  One nation, under God, conceived in liberty, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.  A nation based on self-evident truths.   Sure it’s going to take work and it won’t be easy, but we just can’t live under the old rule anymore.

Maybe it’s time to get back to our common-unity, not what we think about, but what we know to be true, individually, one person at a time.  We can make a beginning by living by these self-evident truths, and quit, a little at a time, being so self-centered.  Reconnect to the One nation under God.  We can’t listen to the old nation (our mind) tell us how to behave anymore, it’s never satisfied.  There’s no such thing as enough in that nation.

In the new nation there are no pat answers but the truth is known by all.  We know no one should go hungry, or be in need of healthcare, all should have a safe place to be, sheltered from the elements.  All are deserving of love, kindness, and compassion.  Just because we don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live from those truths, individually.

The revolution is at hand. Ask each day, consciously; what can I do to live from what I already know is right?  If we don’t ask, we can’t receive.  If each of us asks, the one nation under God, for one thing we can do to live towards these truths each day; we can live in that new nation.  The old nation constantly tells us how it’s too hard… it will never work… who do you think you are… ad infinitum.  There’s no amount of work we can do to save the old nation, we need a new one.  It begins right now, with me and you.  Hug someone you don’t know today.  Make an extra sandwich and eat lunch with someone new.  Ask a stranger who they are and listen to them, or just make a list of the things you can do, and then start doing them!

There’s a PossiDude (positive attitude dude) in each of us. 

It’s who you really are!

A Not So Obvious Problem (ego)

You sit there quietly, doing your meditation, just letting all your thoughts go.  You listen, and in the stillness an inspiration comes…  out of nothing really…  you can recognize it because it’s not something you would usually think about, or it’s at a much deeper level then you’ve ever been before.  It’s usually very simple, it seems like, “why didn’t I consider this before?”,  or,” how could I have missed this?”.  Over time we come to recognize it as simply inspiration, connecting to our source, some call it God-consciousness.  But then what do we do?

We get excited by the inspiration, we start thinking about what it could mean.  How important it is for us and the difference it could make in our world.  We start thinking about the inspiration.  Yet we know that it came from our attempt at not thinking.  It’s like we get the beginning of an inspiration, one thought, and we say to our inspirer, okay got it now, I’ll run with this.  The ego steps in and claims authority for the inspiration, and always with the best intentions!  Now that we’ve got the answer, the ego says, it’s time to proclaim the truth to the world.  Never mind we’ve never actually applied any of it to our own life.  Its inspiration and we know its right, besides people really need this information.  We’ll right a book, that’s it!  Like the world needs another book, right?

We’ve got enough information.  What helps the most is the examples of people demonstrating the inspirations they receive.  Actually living a life of inspiration, with enthusiasm, stepping out in the world and expressing themselves, daring to be who they came here to be.

No matter how great the thought, inspiration, or idea we receive is, it’s nothing compared to the Inspirer!  So just stay with that power, trust it, talk to it, and you’ll become the person you came here to be, and you will live that life of inspiration!


I’m late! I should have left 10 minutes ago. Where’s my keys? Oh no, I forgot to make my lunch! I have to remember to bring that paper with me, oh and it’s trash day, I have to put out the trash. Where’s the mayo, I know I have some in here somewhere? Only two pieces of bread left. I have to remember to stop and get some on the way home, and lunch meat too, I’m getting low. (should I put lettuce on my sandwich, jeas, why do I have to move everything just to get at the lettuce, it’s too much hassle) Now, I’m really late now!

Wait a minute. This is crazy! Whoa, NegaDude….. thank you PossiDude for that awareness, I was letting NegaDude run my life… thanks and can you help me to stop, just for a minute…

Once I give NegaDude my power, I can’t stop him, I don’t even realize he’s taken over. (remember I think what he’s telling me is the truth, it might be relative but it’s always negative) I need PossiDude’s awareness to even recognize that I’m not being the person I want to be.

It starts with AWARENESS… PossiDude’s first power… your first super power… nothing can change without it.

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