Who’s PossiDude?

PossiDude (name you choose) is the character we came here to be, that is made of absolute truths, I’m talking absolute, at no time is it not true, truths.  We’ve been given free will to choose to cooperate with these truths or not.  Our pain comes from the “not” choices that we make. (If I don’t cooperate with gravity, I fall and hurt myself) In fact, most of our world is made up of the “not” truths.  The world offers us its idea of what is truth, relative truth, (i.e.: the more money we have the more comfortable we are, seems to be true) but is it always true?  It’s difficult, at times, to tell the difference in these truths using only our mind and emotions.

So the world convinces us of what truth is and we get conned.  After the con goes on for a while we get con-fused, it begins to solidify (programmed) in our minds.  Our mind then says “this is absolute truth”, but it’s a lie.  We don’t consciously know that we do this, its programmed information.  Instead of who we really are being the authority for our life the programming takes over.  Our minds, with this programming we received, becomes who we think we are.  Our minds think they are us.  It is painful, the mind tells us, to even consider this new information.  I’m reminded of the Wizard of Oz, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.  And so it is when relative truth is confronted by absolute truth.  We then realize how ridiculous the relative truth was.

PossiDude is our way out.  We don’t have to go anywhere, buy anything, get permission from anyone, join anything, or believe anything.  We just have to re-align ourselves with the truth.  We already know these truths because PossiDude is our authentic internal character actual made of them, so it doesn’t require any mental learning. 

I am asking (one of these truths) the PossiDude in me to express himself as and through me.  As a regular dude, I get off track often, so I am asking the PossiDude in you to comment on these posts so we all can learn.  If we teach our children to trust in their own internal PossiDude, we will have a world that it was always intended to be.  Our children will be the PossiDude (positive attitude dude) Super Heroes that they already know they are.

Experience absolute truths (they never fail) in a fun, high energy, drum circle workshop! 

For groups, parties, organizations, or sales trainings!

for more info call Paul at 951 751-7541 or visit our website  http://www.possidude.com/Page_2.html

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